Slow Flow

I am experiencing my flow are slow it actually takes several seconds for the light to come on.
Anybody else having same issue, my new model Homey is wired and it happens with all lights and configurations, so it seems to be a homey problem, i have ikea , and hue , and several other products aswell all the same when homey is conrolling through motion sensors. it the same when one test the flow
it takes 5-10 seconds to go through the flow, but that might be because it is a test.

so my problem is the light first comes on when i am out of the room , when we are walking through a room.


Test flow’s (advanced) are always slow. (To show you what it is doing).

In my situation, my lights are on within a second. Can you give more info about the sensors you are using and how they are connected to homey? For example, if you are using the hue motion sensor connected to the hue bridge, they are slow because of the polling times.

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With a log app like SimpleLog, I add cards to trigger-, condition- and action cards.
That way you can see what is slow or, “taking its time”, and, from my experience, it can’t be the flow itself, unless Homey is way overloaded

  • What is your systemload? —>
  • Issues I’ve read about:
    • Did you replace the power unit with the new recommended ones? The original power unit slows Homey 2023 CPU down (much), because it’s output voltage is just a bit too low.
    • Did you replace the USB-C cable with a shorter one? The longer cable seem to lower the voltage a bit to much

A flow with log cards everywhere:

No panic, adding the cards can be done whit a script , for a flow or a selection of flows. The script is work in progress, but here it worked fine:

Other slow stuff:
  • Sensors: wifi sensors (on battery) can take up to 8 seconds to send an update, so not very suitable for instant detection
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Hi @Peter_Kawa I am not experiencing slow flows but rather the fact that some of the devices in my flow do not get activated when I run the flow.

As an example I have the following flow which is meant to close all the blinds of my ground floor:

I created the flow and saved it as favorite so in the evening i just run it before going to bed.
The flow has worked seamlessly for two or three days but recently some of the devices do not react to this. When I run the flow maybe only 3 or 4 of the 7 blinds are activated. Please also note that all the blinds are responsive via Homey, i.e. if i try to close one single blind by commanding it via homey it responds within milliseconds. However, when i try to move them all with this flow some of them do not move.

I am on Homey pro and noticed this started after the recent Homey update…i do not know if this is a coincidence.

Any clue on what that can be? Should I kill the flow and make a new one again? I also thought that maybe homey might have challenges in running flows with so many devices on…