Homey bridge is slowly

I found out that there is no problem with the application, but the whole homey bridge is slowed down, sometimes I wait even a minute for flow to be activated


Homey Bridge doesn’t run flows, that’s all done in the cloud.

Do you mean that handling device input is slow? Is it a device that actually uses the Bridge? Have you rebooted Bridge already?

I am seeing the same problem with my Homey Bridge…

The mobile app is slow and keeps saying that the service is unavailable
The flows that are triggered by events can take 10 - 15 seconds or more to start
Switching on and off a device from the mobile app, works 8 times out of 10, but then the next 2 times are very long delays before anything happens
This is the same for Zigbee devices, Z-wave devices and Wifi cloud service devices

If this is still a problem for you then please report it to Athom, so that they know that it is a wider spread problem.

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So your issues are with Homey Cloud, not with Homey Bridge.

I would agree, that it sounds like a Homey Cloud issue, but Athom don’t understand why, if it a Homey Cloud problem, it is not being reported by more people.

I have the same problems, takes a while before lamps turn on after my motion sensor has detected motion. Also other commands take anywhere from 0.5 to 10 seconds.

I have restarted homey but that did not solve the issue

I have the same issue. I received yesterday my bridge and paired to ikea rotating switch and tradfri lamp. That takes 5s to be executed.
I suppose that is a cloud issue because a vocal order by alexa with my eedomus is les than 0.5s to be executed.

The Homey bridge/clud is terribly slow today, if responsive at all. Either minutes of wait, or simply error message. This affect not only flows but also simple on/off tasks. Trried network reboot and app installs.Any hints?

Report to Athom or just wait until they fix it.

Same issue here unfortunately. Tried rebooting the bridge but didn’t help :frowning:

Same here, sadly. Created a ticket here, perhaps you can do the same: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Same here and all apps are unavailable now.
Created also a ticket for this.

Same for me , very slow !

Hi all,

According to the e-mail that Athom sent out they are expecting the Home Cloud slow responses to be fixed this week.

I am still seeing the very slow responses, or no responses

Has anyone seen any improvement yet?

Same problems here, slow response of all actions.
Lights that react with 5 to 10 sec. delay or flows that dont start.
Tried rebooting my bridge and different wifi settings. Doesnt make a difference.
Hoping they wil solve it soon.

Hi all,

Some promising news. Apparently, I have been moved onto the new server, and after having to reinstall my apps, the initial view is that things seem to be work quickly and properly again. I am planning to carry on testing/check over the next few days, but so far the move to the new server, seems to have solved the problems - fingers crossed