Motion sensor and light unresponsive or slow

I am making my house smart step by step.
In the last room I made smart things are going wrong.
I have a hue motion sensor and a hue light bulb.
The motion sensor is not responding or very slow. Sometimes you enter the room in the dark and a few minutes later the light comes on.
What I have already tried:
Paired with Hue bridge,
Paired without hue bridge
Motion sensor placed in a room where everything works.
Simple flow , motion light on and no motion light off.
Flow with as motion goes on stop timer,…
Hue motion sensor replaced with an Aqara sensor.
App restart, homey restart, ptp.
Installed extra sockets to act as repeater.
Sometimes when I remove the sensor and add it back, it works fine for 2 minutes and indicates motion in the app.
I put the sensor in the right room in the app and it goes wrong again.
This while no flows have been set yet but just judging from the sensor change in the Homey app.
Is there movement or not.
Anyone else have any ideas ?

Homey pro 2023

How slow is it?
I notice a lag as well, not too bad but just in the frustration area.
I also have a motion sensor that reports well but isn’t seen as ‘activity’ in the room, so the flows don’t work.
I would say: fire up a support issue…

Sometimes 2- 3 minutes.
And yes, maybe contact the support is the only option.
I think I tried everything.

How is the response time when you include the hue motion sensor and hue bulb in the hue bridge without using Homey?

In my experience, there is nothing faster and more reliable than the hue system itself. If this works fast enough, you can continue with your further analysis.

That is extreme.

My Homey motion sensor flows also seem to lose contact with the system…or are unresponsive all together. I use both Hue and Aqara Motion sensors and Kasa switches and/or smart plugs in my flows. Sometimes they work…mostly not.
I gave up with the Homey motion-related Flows and set the motion sensor routines to work (successfully) in the Alexa app. Those wanted routines also would work in SmartThings…but that is going away in my attempt here to lose some of my several hubs. SmartThings is first on my hub cleaning.

Anyway…So much for my “more centralized control” of my smart home devices, eh?

You have to pair sensors near the spot they’re sitting. It should find a router by itself.
Aqara has sensor types which don’t change their router. Moving them without re-pairing them is never gonna work.

Also, check your 2.4GHz wifi and zigbee channels
Homey and Hue hub shouldn’t be on the same zigbee channel.

First set your 2.4GHz wifi channel to, preferrably 1, 6 or 11.
Now reset Homey Pro’s zigbee (you’ll lose ALL paired devices, pair them again afterwards);
It’ll set the zigbee channel to a channel in a quiet frequency band