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Homey doesn't register my Push Message answers

Been searching the old and new forum. Since the 2.0 update I still get push messages on my phone. However for instance when my doorbell is ringed. I get a message if I want to open my door with Danalock. When I answer the notification with: Yes. Normally the door would be opened. Now it doesn’t do anything anymore. When I test the flow. It keeps hanging (loading) on the “push-flow”, like it is waiting for my answer. So the action to open the door is not being triggered.

Hope you guys can help!

Works for me:

Yes I can still create the flow. But Homey doesn’t receive my answer I give to the push message.
It just hangs. Therefore my “then” will not be triggered.

Same here, not reacting on the answer.

Which phone do you have? I have a Samsung S9. The message from Homey is received on my phone. It is like my phone is not sending my answer back to Homey.

Same phone, S9

works for me on a Fairphone with Android 7:

Maybe it’s the a problem with the Samsung S9 with the new OS. I just installed the new software for Android.
Do the Dev’s have the same problem maybe?