Push Notification only for owner


I recently bought a Homey (not Pro) for me and my wife.
If configured Homey, added all my smart home devices and created a lot of flows.
No that I’m ready to use Homey as part of our daily life, I struggle…

I sent my wife a invitation to Homey, she created an account and installed the app on her smartphone.
But she doesn’t receive any push notification at all.
It doesn’t matter how simple the flow is, or if its a notification from Homey directly, she doesn’t get them.

Only if I make her the owner of the Homey, then she receives the notifications, but I don’t!
Is this by design?? Am I missing some crucial setting?

We both have Android smartphones (Galaxy S8 and S10) on the latest version of Android 9.

I hope I’m not the only one and you guys can help me!

All the best,

Hi Thomas.

Do you have a example of a flow that should send a push to her?

Just take the notifaction for entering or leaving home as an example.

If I come home, in seconds, my phone rings and it says “Thomas is now at home” in the Android notification menu.

If my wife comes home, it recognizes her being at home in the Homey app, I get a notification on my phone, but my wifes phone stays silent and no notification.

All the notification settings are correct, so no error on android configuration side.

And it suddenly works perfect, if my wife becomes owner and stops working on my phone.

So it is definitely no error of Android or my wifes phone…

Send her a push message with the notification and ur done.


Now I feel officially stupid… :roll_eyes::grin:

Damn that was easy, thanks!!!