Presence push notification to other users

I have got a strange topic at hand. I have some flows arranged related to ‘presence’. When me or my wife comes home or leaves the house, I get a push message to my iPhone. My wife though, gets no push message…

In the flows, I only mark me or my wife away/home, so no specific push messages are send. If I go to ‘notifications’ in Settings menu, I can select that presence messages are delivered as Push messages though. On my wife’s iphone for some reason this option is not there… I think that is the source of the problem. How come this difference? Is it because I am owner and she is an user??

Did you try on

It’s not the owner vs user cause I can do it but we use android

Thanks, I can solve it by creating specific push messages in the flows indeed but presence change should not require that. It works for me, just jot for my wife and that I don’t understand…

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Hi, we have the same problem here. Have you found a solution Martijn?