Presence cards in WHEN section

Since some time ago I setup all our iPhones in the family to use Homey build in presence and it looks like it is working pretty well, at least when I look in the timeline. However I now decided to use it for triggering different flows by using presences cards in the WHEN section but it seems like they do not work. I haven’t test all cards but ‘Last person left’, ‘A specific user came home’, ‘someone came home’, ‘A specific user left’ doesn’t seems to work. When I use the flow test function (John Doe) it does as expected, but using it “for real” it doesn’t.
Anyone else having this issue?

No one else experience this issue?

Most of the times that’s an error in the flows, taken in account the presence is working ok. Can u show us some screenies of ur flows?

Well, I have only left two test flows running but they don’t work either.

I got also problems with the home/away logic. It started sometime ago after an update. I reported this to Athom. Because I voice the answer was that they don’t take further action?? The problem is not the voice, but the handling of the home/away status.

[Offtopic] Meanwhile try Locative for IOS [/Offtopic]

Thx for tip, might have a look at it later on.
Did a bit more testing but with the cards in the flow AND section and guess what… it works!
Anyway I have made a support request to Athom.