Smart Présence


Im using smart présence app to let homey to detect the status of my wife home or away . The tile sees indeed my wife status of being home and away … dimmend or not when I put her WiFi on and off. So that is working and detecting … however her status at home page does not change even when programming a flow … présence user name x my wife … then add smart présence …name my wife … then présence mark home or away for changing status … however it doesnt work …grrrr 2 days stil nothing

Can you share your flow please?
I think it’s the Then card

Indeed it is, it seems like you put the smart presence in the then card. But it should be the other way around: if smart presence detects away then set Homey state away. If smart presence detects home then set Homey state Home.

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I shared a few example flows here. Maybe it is of any help.
The WHEN card says:
user Peter enters Geofence named “Thuus”
The Then card says:
Mark user Peter as AtHome (Homey native presence card)

Dear Peter

Yes I did , how stupid I’m . Thanks a lot for the solution , now that im learning , it makes sense and Logic that he first need detection and then check mark it ! Thanks a lot for your patience .

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Dear Edwin

I did it reverse as you mentioned . One more if her phone goes into stand-by mode , she also left home . Probably I need to go into the phone settings … Thanks a lot you Guys are great !

Cheers Theo

Thanks Peter , it was very useful ! Cheers

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Dear Theo,
YW! Remember, it’s not about being stupid, you just can’t know everything, right?

In theory, Theo, stand-by shouldn’t alter a phone’s location. But I also think something gets disabled by stand-by mode what shouldn’t, and I think of the Wifi radio.
So make sure WiFi stays up, and try again.

I do not know what you mean by standby, but some older Android version phones I had indeed shut off wifi to save battery when idle for a longer time. It depends on the brand, model and Android version if this is so, if you can change it and how. Luckily none of my phones do that now.