Let homey determine if im home?

So i created this flow
And off course enable location permission
But my homey still don’t change my status to away/at home
What am i missing?

Home location, is set correctly in the homey app?

Batt saving issieus in your phone.

lot of options, but you need to give the information.

Also you could use the search, where you can find info about it. Maybe it helps you

This is the settings
U see anything wrong?
And 10x for the help again :slight_smile:

Why do you mark him as home i the “then” column? That has already been done, otherwise the flow would not run at all…

Im not sure i understand…
So how do i need to do it?
What i need to do in the “than” column?

When Homey “sees” that u are coming home there is no need to tell Homey u are home, she knows.
So in the THEN colom u could do something like " Say hello" or turn some lights on.

So basically delete this flow and let homey do it by herself?
I dont need to set any flow for it?

That will be correct!
U can use it in the AND colom for flows like WHEN something AND Oren is at home THEN something.
When u click ur avatar in the mobile app u can see the status.

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Ok i will try and keep u update
Thank u all for all the help!


So i try this for a few times
Sometimes it work and sometimes it’s not.

Do i need to set an address for my home or something?

Now for exempal the homey mark me away after ileft home 7 hours ago
But i return about an hour ago and still mark as away

I use Smart presence app to mark me as home or away, instead of just using location based from my phone, it is not very reliable, in my case at least.

With smart presence when i connect to my home wifi it marks me as home when i leave it marks me as away, and you can set this up not just for you but for several users or guest’s…

Have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Canu shere ur flow? I dident understand how to set it up

Do you know how to set static IP on your router?

Yes i set it up
And based on this ip created this flow

In the when part you can not select the app.
On devices page You’ve to add a device like you would add a smart lamp as an example, click on “+” select smart presence/ smartphone, then set your IP and the away delay. ( This is the time it will take to mark you as “away” after disconnected from your WiFi.

After you’ve set this is time to crate your flow that should look like this.

To mark you as away it should look something like this.

First thanks for the help
I did as u say
Added device with my ip
And cdreated this flow
I think this will work

You welcome.
Yes that should work, now you have to create another one for when you leave.
Then you can test it by just turning your WiFi off, wait until the time you’ve set on the away delay passed, and see if you are marked as away, then turn WiFi on, and you should be marked as home in a few seconds :slightly_smiling_face:

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Works like a charm

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