Smart presence or/and Homey presence

Hello. Like so many others, I have a little trouble with the presence in homey. We have both android and iPhone. Does anyone have a flow where it cross-checks on smart presence and Homey presence? And where one app doesn’t hinder the other.? Smart presence works well sometimes, and Homey’s presence…ific Flows in homey.

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You can use them side by side.
You’ll need presence flows for every system.

System A marks you Away
Someone is at home

System A marks you Home
No one is at home

With the conditions at the AND section, you prevent multiple Away or BackHome triggers in case all systems work fine.

I use (don’t laugh :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: )
•Homey geo
•Macrodroid with webhook
•Owntracks with L & P
•Beacons (Bluetooth LE)
•NetScan phone wifi presence

Homey geo works fine @ Android 10
For Android 12 you have to loosen up the energy save level.
At the Homey app: Put the marker manually on the map at …More>Settings>Location and turn off “let Homey find your location”

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Wow. What a work.
I’m sorry, but I don’t think I fully understand your flow to “home” and “away.”
How do you cross-check with two different apps, such as Smart Presence and Homey’s Own? When you write Homey Geo, that’s the built-in you’re thinking about, right?

I have virtual switches for Home and for Away. Those switches alter my internal Homey presence status (and start scenes to turn stuff on or off)
The BackHome and Away flows turn those virtual switches on or off, and they check if someone is home or not (the internal Homey presence).
This way, you can use multiple similar flows triggered by different geo location apps & tools.

(Translated ‘Thuis’ = At home
‘Er vandoor’ = Away)