Updating homey buildin presence status with smarter presence

for various reasons I cant use geofencing so I use
smarter presence based on wifi connection which
works ok for me.

With homey 2.0 it would be great if I can use smarter
presence to trigger and update the normal homey presence.

but I cant see a way to use the tag who from smarter presence to trigger the normal presence flow? help?

Best option here is to make 2 flows and using virual device/switch. So first Smart presence updates the virtual switch and then the virtual switch updates the built in presence. This is how i would do it

hmm so far I’ve done it the dumb way. One flow for each
tracked user.

Can virtual switch pass over variables to update the
usual homey presence?

“Smarter presence”… it’s an app? I don’t understand…

I have difficulties with the “precence” flow:
It only sees my presence or absence when I start the app on my phone.
I gave permission to locate my phone, but that didn’t help.
Anyone else has this issue?
Any way to detect me being present or arriving home more accurate?

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It is a Homey App:

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Presence seems to be an often reported problem. Homey app is hit and miss and seems to depend on the device it is installed. It works far better on my Sony Xperia 1 but hardly ever on my wife’s Huawei even though both have same permissions and can access location all the time. I am playing with the Smart Presence app listed in this thread and have assigned static IP’s to most devices on my network anyway and the app is reliable at detecting when someone has arrived or left, one flow can be used for every person. However, communicating that presence to Homey and having it toggle the presence, haven’t got that far yet.

Did you find a solution? My phone is Huawei aswell.

Apologies for slow response, no I didn’t. Hopefully her next phone week be a Sony Xperia like mine. To be honest I haven’t found a reliable method of presence detection that works across all devices yet. Might have to look at life 360 but don’t want to have to subscribe to another service