Smart Presence (App) - flows that works

Can anyone show me in a few sample flows (screenshots preferred) which way I can get this done. I don’t get it working. No trigger when phone " leaves" network (with DHCP reservation for phone).

Well, it doesn’t. Lot of (android) phones go into dooze/sleep mode and stop sending packages at all so sooner or later you’ll get “left network” triggers while you’r just at home. You can set the time to 15 minutes or whatever and still…

Think this app worked like a charm when devices didn’t go I to the deep dooze. It works sometimes as supposed on my galaxy, doesn’t work at all on my wife’s huewai.

I would suggest to make a ifft flow wich marks you away when you are outside a GPS range. (ifft, “location”). This seems to work to most stable. Not perfect, but the closest I could get.

Edit, I also tried this from the other side around, detection through my Asus router. Worked mweh. Another downside (for me) with the wifi solution is that when you go cellular to test something or whatever other reason you also get marked away. Might be an issue if you have poor wifi range somewhere

Oke thanks for your comment. I need to this in another way.
And where can I create this " IFFT; Location " flow? Do you mean creating this with the standard
feature " Presence/Aanwezigheid" in Homey? Or where can I find this?
Or do you mean, I need to use IFTTT?

Before i used smart presence and had the same problem, when the wifi (for what reasson) wasnt connected, i had the same problem that homey status was set on away. I had that fixed with a simple doorsensor on my frontdoor. And make a few flows that iam only can be set away when the frontdoor was openend and a timer was started.

Stil not 100% but 99%. The last months using a total another way for precense detection wich gives me a 100 % score over more then 5 months.

Can you please share a flow where you use the doorsensor in combination with disconnecting from wifi to set someone away? I’m not using Smart Presence, but the Ubiquiti app for wifi connect/disconnect. Besides that I use doorsensors from Xiaomi. Is it something like this:

Doorsensor contact alarm turned on --> and Wifi Disconnected --> Set away with a timer like 5 minutes or so?

I guess more like: if door sensor alarm, then enable Ubiquity flow you now have and in same flow disable the Ubiquity glow after 5 minutes. Great idea from Roy, have to update my flows!

It still is quite hard to get this right in an easy way. Combining with a door detection does not work if multiple people live in the house. I have been using the Tado presence detection successfully. Alas, the Tado Homey app was broken by an update, so back to square one.

Currently, I run Apple Home (Apple TV) concurrently with Homey and the HomeKit app from Sprut and let a Home rule set a virtual switch to “Away” whenever my Tado thermostat switches to low because everybody have left the house. Cumbersome, but it works.

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Thanks for your help. With your information and some tuning I managed to get this to work.

I created 2 flows

  1. Door closed (then) Start countdown
  2. Countdown on 0 (and) Current Presence specific person is home (and) wifi is disconnected (then) Person is away (and) Stop counter.

This way it works for every person in the house. Of course I have to create this for every person and for every door with a sensor.

As suggested, timer is not needed. Just disable flow with WiFi detection, only enable for 5 to 10 minutes after door sensor triggers.

The reason why I added a timer that long is because when I disconnect my phone from wifi it takes at least 5 minutes before my Ubiquiti tells Homey I’m disconnected. Connecting back to wifi is a lot faster (within 30 seconds). Besides that it sometimes takes a while when someone is out of wifi reach (walking to the car, grabbing bike etc).

I’ll try that option as well. Sounds easier to do. Thanks!

Well sometimes I leave though the garden or garage, or am working in the garage or just outside in the garden. With the android doose I’ll be home and gone all the time.


my experience is the same as mentioned already above. Nor IFTTT, nor Celphone or any other option is 100% reliable. So now I am looking at using a timer on motion in the house. No motion anywhere means no one is in the house. I can even use routes (livingroom after hall means person in livingroom) etc. Anybody any experiences in this? Tips?

If I want to know who is still in the house I am thinking of using RFID Tags. This means discipline checking in and out… Have you ever tried this?

Curious to the responses :slight_smile:
Thx upfront,


Tried the No Motion thing. It did not work for me. My girlfriend fell asleep, and after an hour the heating went into away mode.
So that means moving every let’s say 15 minutes, or having a really long interval. And what do you do when asleep vs a night out?
Using RFID tags indeed needs discipline and an RFID action can not discriminate between leaving and going away. You could toggle, but forget it one time and the schedule is messed up.
For now, my temporary Tado/Homekit solution above is still working (fingers crossed). It does need the Tado stuff and app installed on the mobile phone of everybody in the house.

@Ruud, thx for responding.

The ‘falling asleep part’ had the same effect when I was working from home, quietly on the coach… no movement… So that’s why I cam up with the routes. If the last motion was in the living room and not in the hall, I am still in the house. However, if the last motion was in the hall… and even the frontdoor was used… and after the hall movement no movement elsewhere in the house… I should be away, shouldn’t I? Or I fell asleep in the hallway :slight_smile:

We can track satelites and dogs but persons… to be continued.

Any other proven suggestions or failed experiences, let’s hear them! Thx upfront.

PS the tag… ok…maybe press a switch? Away/Home? Or it could be the doorlock offcourse. Anybody any experience with that? Found the posts : Smart locks

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Hi, just started using Homey and I must say I’m put off by this tricky home and away business. A 2 year old doesn’t have a phone to check whether he’s home, people without a Homey account like the cleaner and the nanny can’t easily be found not to be intruders and when I’m out but my iPad is not things go wrong as well. Seems to me Homey just doesn’t work if you don’t want to spend ages trying things and perfecting flows. I thought Homey was going to make my life easier and I’m not willing to invest the kind of time you seem to need to get anything done with Homey. Shame. I hope it will be developed further and gets smarter without needing so much time from the people using it. For now I’ve decided not to connect it to my Nest thermostat because the Nest software is far better at working out what’s needed.

There are several posts about this device and another brand. Don’t buy it as it doesn’t work at all.


Hello @Frans_Keeman,

Are you talking about the zipato keypad ? Have you got another alternative ?


Does anybody have experience with iOS geofencing? It has been around for a long time and used by mobile apps like the ones that control Hue lights and Apple’s own Homekit.

For me, however, it has never worked reliably. Even 4 iOS’es and 3 phones later, it just doesn’t see when I am even 5 km away from home.
Some people say they have it working consistently and Apple also seems to think all is working well, since there is no activity in that area.

If someone is using it successfully, could you share?

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