BEnext Tag reader 500

Hello everyone,

In my home i have installed some time ago a benext tag reader 500. Since than having connection issue’s.
Got it to work with homey and have flows working. Problem i that its no reliable at all.
Have to press and use the tag sometimes 5 times before it respond. Not nice when you have a few seconds to disarm the alarm. When i look at the zwave developer tool i see 42% error on this tag reader. Further there is no connection to anyting of the zwave network. What am i doning wrong

can anyone help me with this?


Battery’s ?

I see 11% error!
And no connection to anything besides connected to Homey u mean?

O your right 11%.and yes no connectie beside homey. The connection with homey is terrible.


And what is the distance to Homey or to the nearest “router” in ur mesh network?

The distance is about 2.5 meters. The nearest z wave plug. Is from coolcam and is aprox 1.5 meters from the reader.

This device is shitty. I had to return it. Many people have this issues unless it’s located very near to your Homey.

Search on the old forum

If i hold the tag reader next to homey OR within 1 meter the problem is the same. Sometimes it works and more than half the Times it doesn,t

I gave up after a few months of trying. Robbshop was friendly enough to return my money.

I think i have it to long for returning the reader.

vandaag nog maar weer wat geprobeerd. Reader verwijderd 2X en opnieuw geinstalleerd.
Is echter alleen maar verslechterd. Nu maar een email gestuurd naar de leverancier om te kijken of ie nog teruggestuurd kan. Ben ff klaar met dan ding. De combi van dit ding met Homey werkt dus niet.

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Ahh sorry Guys, i automaticly wrote this in Dutch.
Today tried it again. Removed and reinstalled the reader twice but the problem is getting worse instead of better. Wrote An email to the store that i want to send it back. Just now recieved the oké that i can send it back.the combination of homey with this device is not working.

Hi Frans,

Did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same issue.

Regards, Jan

Hi JeeS,

Yes and No. If you find returning the device to the supplier than its a solution.
I have send it back and they returned my money even after 5 months.
They were familiar with the problem. If you ask me you can’t solve it. Homey and this device is a bad marriage.
No idea who’s to blame :joy:.

I have a tag reader from aliexpress with a fibaro binairi switch now.

if you need more info about that just let me know

greetz Frans

Hallo Frans,

Dank voor het snelle antwoord. Ik ontvang graag meer info over de alieexpress oplossing.

Bij voobaat dank.

Groet, Jan.

As this is the English part of the forum, plz keep it in English!

here the lonk to the post as mentioned: Acces control Heimdall and Homey

read this first, i you stiil have questions just ask.