Acces control Heimdall and Homey

I use Heimdall in Homey for my alarm function. I am trying to use acces control with RFID to make entrance easier for all users in my home. So far i tried the AD2000-M from aliexpress in conjunction with a fibaro universal binairi sensor. Could not get it to work properly because of the chinese manual.
Then i tried the BENEXT tag reader with is very unreliable.
So my question i now what you guys use for acces control? Is there an easy to install option? All ideas are welcome



i use a klikaanklikuit remote and played with betterlogic+countdown to make a “code”. Other options could be a sequence of light switches, nfc tag on homey self, the homey app, someting creative with iftt.

Personally i made precense work 8/10 with iftt, there should be a topic somewhere. If it fails i get a push notification on my phone asking if i would like to disarm yes/no.

I have searched for keypads some time ago but couldn’t find a stable one. On the other hand, keypads feel outdated.

Maybe its outdated but its "wife"friendly. I am not the only users so it has to be a simply to use option thats also usable for guests.

i use the geat ubiquty app, works superrrrrrr!

and what may that be. what does it do? Do i have to buy an Ubiquiti UniFi AP-AC-LR for 105 euro’s?
Or is homey my controller? Much questions i know but i don’t want to buy another cat in the sack as we say in holland :slight_smile:

Im curious as well.

I am using OwnTracks and smart precense. Plus I have a neo light switch at the entrance to manually disable the alarm.

No thief in the world would know to use the light switch to disable the alarm.

If possible I would like to replace the light switch with rfid.

I use a combination of smart presence and the homey presence for disarming. I have a xiaomi button to arm as I leave, as backup because the arming with the former 2 methods was not 100%.

I have the AD2000M from aliexpress, working great for me with a fibaro sensor to turn on/off Heimdall.
It took me a while to understand the manual. And how to read things, but everything in there is correct.

So if you want to know how to do certain things, just let me know. PM me. And I might be able to assist.

The panel can now turn on/off heimdall with a code. Or with the RFID tags.
I only made 1 code (master code, not the same code as used to get into the settings menu). But it is also possible to give everyone its own code.

Since the Idea is to have everyone use the RFID tags, I dont use the personal codes.

I dont have it myself but popp has a zwave keypad, and there is an app that supports it. Not sure if it achieves what you want though, but it looks sturdy and can also be used outdoor.

I’ve ordered a keypad with rfid from China to use with Heimdall.
I plan on testing it with with either a Fibaro Universal Binary sensor or modified Xiaomi Button or Door/Window sensor and post the results in a How To topic.


I looked at this device but 179 euro’s i ain;t getting that thru the commision here :slight_smile:

i have tried the smart presence but is not reliable for me.

i will defenetly send you an PM :slight_smile:

cautje can you please explain?

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Well with the help of Priknr1 we just found out that my AD2000-M is dead. Doesn;t read the tags at all.
So ordered a new one and try again.

Short manual?

That manual is not accurate for the version we have. In our version The Asterix is not doing anything. Menu works entirely different.

But turned out the reader is not seeing the rfid tags at all.

Hi, i have a ubiquity cloudkey and two accespoints.
Homy lookt to the cloadkey and knows who is connected to the wifi system.
On this i have e verry good pressence and we use this for hymdahl, the heating, lights etc.
Wokrks great!

Is it fast the ubiquity cloudkey, when you come home homey see you in 10 sec or more but not after 1 min.

Hallo all,

Maybe you remember that i started this tread with telling you that i had tried the AD2000_M ( which was probebly a clone) and the fibaro universal sensor. Could not get it to work. With the enormous help i got from Priknr1 a few days ago i found out that the AD2000-M was not functioning. So i bought a new one in Germany for 13 euro’s. The same price as the old one but now a K2000 which is practecaly the same. This one was deliverd with tags and the old one i had to buy later after discovering there were no tags deliverd with the AD2000-M.
Today i connected the K2000 and within 15 minutes everything worked. I am very happy with that of course.
I don;t now why but suddenly the idea came up to try an old tag on the new K2000. Didn’t work!!! So i connected again the old AD2000_M and used the new tags. Workes like a charm!!! So there is nothing wrong with the reader. I checked the type of tags and there are EM tags and should be oke .

So finally i have what i wanted. Easy acces which workes 100%. Wife happy again :grinning:

So if you have read this post and also would like a tag reader i have one spare that workes and doesn’t cost much.


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