Deactivate Heimdall alarm with RFID/Keypad


I realize there are a few discussions about this but they went too deep into the DIY for me.
As i can’t use nuki to deactivate the alarm upon entry because of the high delay of nuki status update

I’m looking to something my whole family can use, like RFID reader or a keypad
I prefer zigbee as i dont have z-wave extenders
It needs to be a supported item, not a half supported aliexpress item
It needs to be very stable, and work 100% of the time

I looked at the Eufy keypad (i have the homebase 2) and the Ring keypad (z-wave though) but both seems to have stability issues form what i can see in the forum

What would you suggest me?


Support for the Frient Keypad (Zigbee based) will be released on short term in the Frient app.

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Hello, any idea about the ETA?

Expected release date end of week 2.

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