Ring keypad and other Ring Security System devices

Ring has recently announced there V2 version of their Security System, resulting on a decent price drop on their V1 System and separate components.
That made me order the Ring Keypad (V1*) even though there’s no support for it in Homey :slight_smile:
I’m busy creating an app for it and it’s looking good, it’s a Z-Wave device and can be easily integrated to be used with Homey, the most work will be creating a usermanagement system.

Now I’m wondering how much interest there will be to also add support for the other Security System devices they sell such as the Motion- and Door/Window Sensor.

If there’s enough people interested in using Ring Security System products with Homey I’ll order some more parts and (try to) integrate them into the app.

Current deals can be found here (NL): Collecties – Ring

Oh, and on when it’s done: I have no idea, I’m no developer and do all this in spare time and want this to be of the same quality Heimdall

* Why creat an app for an old version?
Well, the V2 version is not available yet. Also, the V2 version uses Frequently Listening Receiver Slave (FLiRS) and that’s something that Homey doesn’t handle well so I’m not even sure if integrating it into an app will happen.

Check out the app here: Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products


When it’s possible to connect de keypad with heimdall it’s 100% sure I whould use the app!

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Absolutely! That’s the main goal.
At first you will need to create some flows to connect the keypad to Heimdall but at a later time it will be through app-to-app communication without the need for a user to create and maintain flows.
I’m working on a roadmap, any feedback is welcome.

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Progress report; App-to-app communication between the Ring and Heimdall app is working, so no need for flows.

Here’s what Heimdall’s log shows when entering a code and pressing an action key on the Ring Keypad

Heimdall receives the pincode and will look up the user to whom the pincode belongs. For this test I’ve hardcoded some users with pincodes in Heimdall, next step (amongst others) will be to build a user manager into Heimdall.

To be continued…

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Im also interested!

Looking good!

Im also interested!

Is it already possible to add the ring keypad?

For me it is, but I’m still working on the app and it’s not ready for a release so you can’t. Also, I’ve run into a problem I can’t fix with the Contact Sensor and the Motion Detector. These devices require Z-Wave S2 security which Homey doesn’t support yet. S2 support is on the roadmap but no ETA.

S2 issues are only 3 years old since first reported. Athom isn’t going to support it any time soon :upside_down_face: . That’s already fact after 3 years of devices not working correct . They said it many times it would be fixed soon .
Their solution was/is add the devices unsecure . But some devices don’t work then like danalocks , heat valves etc

But are you also trying to add the ring door sensors and pirs ? The project got bigger then just the keypad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, it got a bit bigger indeed, crashed and burned for now though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The only device I can get working is the V1 keypad, all other V1 products require S2. Most likely the same will go for the V2 products, from what I’ve seen the V2 keypad uses FLiRS, so… You’re well aware of how good that functions :wink:

So I’m all good with the 3 v1 keypads that arrived last week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So u bought them all! Seems like they are no longer sold according the site.

Hmmm, you should convince @MarcoRuiter to give one to you cause Yes! the keypad (V1) is fully supported.
Entering a pincode and pressing any of the (dis)arm keys works and when arming Heimdall via the Surveillance Mode switch or a flow or presence or whatever that info will be send back to the keypad so it also acts as an indicator for the Surveillance Mode.
The spoken text messages, faulty/open sensor indicator and sirene are also controllable from Homey, just have to attach them to functions in Heimdall. :sunglasses:



How is it going with the app? If you need somebody to test the app, let me know.

It’s going great, a little less time spend on this app as I first had to create User Management in Heimdall. That’s 99% done so I hope to publish that in the next few days.
Core functionality of this app is mostly done, just in a messy way (missing translations, images etc) after I’ve cleaned that up it will be ready for testing. No ETA on that though :wink:

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I’ve ordered the keypad also so if there needs testing to be done… I’m ready!
One question, you think the app will support multiple keypads in one household?
Would love one at the front door and one at the backdoor if possible.

Yes, that’s the idea.
The users are stored and maintained in Heimdall, the keypad will just send the entered PIN and desired mode to Heimdall and Heimdall will do the rest.

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@DaneedeKruyff Got the keypad v1 today.

  1. When will we be able to use it? :slight_smile:
  2. Will it support 2 keypads? For example one at front door and one backdoor?
  3. happy birthday :stuck_out_tongue: