Ring Keypad - able to add it to Homey?!

To activate my alarm I am looking for the option to do it with a keypad. There are several do-it-yourself options (integrating a ‘regular’ keypad with a fibaro binary sensor), but I came across the new Ring keypad with build in Z-Wave (https://shop.ring.com/products/alarm-keypad) for a very reasonable price!

Only thing stopping me from buying it is that it can’t be added to Homey yet. The Ring app (I have a Ring Pro doorbell) doesn’t support this device. Is there anyone who knows if this device is added somewhere in the near future?

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You should ask the devolper of the ring app, asume you you did already :wink:

If you can get it shipped to Holland I’m willing to chip in on donating one to @caseda or @TedTolboom for example. The current Ring app connects to the Ring API, this device would require someone with z-wave experience.

indeed - but he said he stopped using Ring. I contacted him to see whether the Ring Floodlight cam would be added on short term to the Ring app. I am currently using the Ring Pro, and would like to add the Floodlight cam to Homey. Unfortunately not…

That’s a good idea! The option came across since I am going to NY for a long weekend this coming weekend. A quick visit to the NL Ring website learns that the Ring Keypad (or complete alarm) is not yet sold in the NL. Buying it in the US, it will probably work on a US Z-Wave frequency (908.4; 908.42; 916 MHZ) which is not the same as in the EU / NL. I don’t know if this will work…:roll_eyes:
Maybe @TedTolboom or @Caseda can shed some light on this frequency matter?

Well, if it’s only sold with the US Z-wave frequency it will not work for us.

From the US Ring website:
All the components in the Ring Alarm system use Z-Wave Plus radios and support [Z-Wave’s S2 security framework](https://z-wavealliance.org/z-wave-alliance-announces-new-security-requirements-z-wave-certified-iot-devices/)
I do not know excatly what this means when using it in the EU (if it is supporting the EU frequency as well). Based on the info of Wikipedia I would also assume it is a problem.

If it is a no-go, than it is back to the other thread of making a DIY keypad…:wink:

@Jolink those are two different things…

For it to work with an EU Homey, the device will need to be equiped with an EU Z-wave chip. So far, I haven’t seen Ring delivering (or certifying) EU compatible Z-wave devices yet… So taking one along from the US doesn’t make sense…

Well, then maybe time that a US developer starts picking up z-wave :stuck_out_tongue: it isn’t that hard to learn now with the meshdriver implementation.

Though I do like the look of the Ring keypad thingy, wish i had the time to create a driver/app for it if it did come with an EU z-wave chip.

OK, I will leave it in the US :slightly_frowning_face: or hope they come with an EU version quickly.
It is a very nice solution/design indeed.

Do we even have US-users? I seem to recall there was one in the KS-period?

Yeah, I remember the same, there was some discussion about shipping it to the US without the it being FCC approved so I have no idea if any were actually shipped there.

I can remember that I needed to add some US Id’s to the fibaro app long time ago.
But of course don’t know if that user still has an homey.

And US people can still import devices without fcc approval, if I’m correct, but it is at their own risk.
It was indeed the FCC causing trouble for an “official” US release.