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NFC reader (with zigbee and/or z-wave)

Hey Homey fans!

Question. Does someone know if there are NFC readers available (can’t find them by myself) who supports zwave and/or zigbee to send the NFC uid to, for example, Homey?

Or maybe send the uid with a api-request to Homey.

I keep on hoping :slight_smile:

I’m looking and hoping with you ! (for quite some time now). I’m afraid they don’t exist.

me too.
There is the Z-wave NFC reader by benext, but I havn’t tested its capabilities yet with Homey.
I doubt it works with the NFC tools app though.
I would love a wifi usb powered NFC reader that would work with NFC tools. This would be fantastic.
Though apparently we are a small community, as Homey are dropping support for NFC as they think customers dont use this function, so dont expect to see much support for it in the future unless it is via a z-wave/zigbee or IP reader and a custom app.


This one is supported in the benext-app but looks like the app isn’t V2-ready…