Homey Pro 2023 - Built in NFC?

Ok so im confused.

I´ve read on multiple sites that Homey 2023 can read NFC on the device itself. But here in the forum i´ve read that it cant. So, wich one is it?

Maybe this is under the wrong category but if homey cant read NFC then do anyone have a good recomendation on a device that can and of course also is connected to homey. I know the phone is a option but for my purpose i would like a device thats on a desk that you could bring NFC tags to.

Thanks in advance :+1:

The older Homey Pro’s have an NFC antenna (up until early 2018), from 2019, and now the new 2023, don’t have an NFC antenna and thus can’t read NFC. And neither does the Bridge.

For recommendation for NFC antenna I don’t really have an option for you besides your phone sending webhooks.

Thanks Caseda! :ok_hand: