Yale Smart Locks

I currently use Homey itself with NFC tags to disable my home security

I’d like to have it slightly less available so am considering one of these Yale locks:
Yale Keyless Connected Ready Smart Door Lock https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DE4DFM8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Cph8Bb08A5QN1

I see there is a Homey app so seems that it will work but I have a couple of questions and can’t find an existing thread…

  • Will I be able to identify in Homey each tag with this?
  • Can I have multiple codes for different people that are identified by Homey?

I probably have more questions but they’re the two that come to mind right now…

@Automate_Asia - looks like it’s your app - can you advise?


We do not have this lock in our region, thus might not be able to give the right advise.
The Yale Z-Wave module reports the user position in the lock when it is unlocked by the pin.
Is the NFC tag tied to the users? If so there might be a chance but we will not know unless we have the set to test.

Thanks for your response…
Sadly unable to answer those questions as I don’t (yet) have the device - hoping to get some answers before purchase!