Yale Doorman L3 and Homey support?


I’m considering installing a smart lock for my new house. My experience is from Danalock, I have their V3 (non-zwave) model, so I’m not using any automation other than having an electric lock.
I’m not too happy about it, but it kinda works.

For the new house I’m looking at Yale Doorman L3 or ID Lock 150.

I was very set on ID Lock 150, especially with its z-wave support etc, and it looks nice.

But after reading some reviews and comparing with Yale Doorman L3, it seems like the ID Lock struggles with poor battery life, flimsy battery cover, tight battery tray, touch buttons not working with gloves etc.
There’s also only beeps for status, no speech, and the latch is much more secure on Yale. I also like solenoid rather than the motor on ID Lock. The motor is what I don’t like with Danalock.

The price is very similar, so I think Yale makes sense in the long term.

The only issue is that I can’t seem to figure out if it’s possible to connect Yale Doorman L3 to Homey or other smart devices. AFAIK someone has made it work with Home Assistant and August integration (Yale bought August).

Thoughts? Both on which to choose, and what my options are with Yale?
I’d like to possibility to run certain flows on lock/unlock. (When nobody is home and door is locked etc).

Your question doesn’t match the title :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, guess it continued an old thread I was about to start before I realized Apple has set restrictions regarding CarPlay apps. Anyways - fixed.

So I finally went for the Yale Doorman L3. It made most sense as it’s the same brand as most door locks here (ASSA Abloy).
I checked with Home Assistant, and it seems to support Doorman L3 through the August integration, so I guess it’s using the August technology for Doorman L3…?

Anyways, has anyone tried with Yale and Homey? I know there’s an app for Doorman, but it seems to only support the old models/Verisure.

Hi, how did this work out for you ?

I’ve installed the lock, but it’s not integrated with Homey in any way.

I have just added support for locks in the SmartThings app. So one user has the Doornan L3 controlled by SmartThings and then Homey accesses it through there.
Not sure if that is any help to you?

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Great, I do have smartthings, and did get it in without any hassle :+1:
But not sure how to get it into homey from there.
Good job!

My SmartThings app is in the HCS Homey Community Store
Once that is installed and configured you can add devices to Homey in the normal way.

Sadly Samsung don’t make it as easy as it could be but the instructions are in the description in the store.

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This thread seems to be the main one on Yale Doorman L3. This lock is bundled with a wifi device that connects it to the Yale Access app/cloud. I think this service already has an API integration as it seems to be spawned from Yale August.

Have a look here: GitHub - bdraco/yalexs: Python API for Yale Access (formerly August) Smart Lock and Doorbell

I’m curious if someone who’s savvy in building Homey apps would consider repurposing this Python API into a Node app for Homey…? I should note that I’m not sure this API supports Doorman L3, but I think it seems that’s the case.

I’m fresh to Homey and exploring my way around with flows.
I have the Yale l3 with the integrated doorbell and the Yale app installed on my Homey Pro but can’t find any action for the doorbell when creating a flow.
I guess there are only actions for lock/unlock and so on but none for the doorbell or does anyone know a way around?

I was thinking of creating something like when doorbell goes off, flash my hue-light.

You can do that in the Yale app👍

That is still lock/unlock, not when the doorbell rings.
Or am I missing something?

Correct. We need a better integration with Yale Access and Homey.

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Thanks Adrian_Rockall. I can confirm it works.

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A lock just locked
A lock just unlocked
The contact alarm turned on
The contact alarm turned off
Battery becomes greater than…
Battery becomes less than…
The battery level changed

Was this app removed from the app store?

Which app are you referring to?

The SmartThings app is on the Homey Community Store Homey Community Store