Homey vs Yale doorman

I just bought the z-Wave module for Yale doorman.
And i thought i did not have to buy the smart hub aswell sinne i allready have the homey hub in my house… but when i put in the module in the doorhandle i hear a beep, and then i go info the homey settings and type in my Verisure credentials and go info the Yale doorman app, and i cant find the device «z-wave module»… is this because i need to buy the smart hun from Yale? Or is there something to do from the homey hub?

Hi, i don’t use this device but i think you need the app https://apps.athom.com/app/com.verisure.yale.doorman

In most of the case, Homey need an app to use devices.

When i download the app it tries to find devices… but It does not find any… so i dont know if i have to do something too pair the zwave module to the doorhandle and maybe find it in the Yale app… but still this happens

The App is for the hub, so it won’t work directly with the lock.

There is an app for direct z-wave communication to other Yale Locks. Maybe it works with that app or maybe a product-id have to be added.

Maybe IT works, but i cant find the Yale doorman v2n in the choices i Get… only other types… IT light still work since the module is the same in every door lock…

Z wave Modul don’t work with the Nordic version of Yale doorman. I tried the z wave Modul to synchronize with my lock, this function is locked by Verisure. U need to use the Verisure Hub and their communication Modul then u can install the app for Yale doorman in homey.

Other option is u buy a Yale lock in the UK / Germany mount it in your door and use your z wave Modul then it might work.