Yale Doorman with Yale Smart Home Hub, can it be connected to Homey?

I have the Yale Doorman (WGS2) managed via the Yale Smart Home Hub. Works perfect as stand alone.
Last year Homey announced Yale support, however it seems only to work if the lock is connected to August / Yale Access service.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to connect the Yale Smart Home Hub to Homey or eventually via Yale Access?

I tried a lot of options a couple of years ago, with no luck. I have seen it might be possible to pair the Smart Living Module in the Lock directly with Homey, but the management capabilities will be lost. I would prefer to manage lock/users via the Smart Home Hub.
Also there exists apps for Verisure, which I don’t have.

Sidenote: They really have many names: Smart Living, Smart Home, Smart Hub, Smart Lock, but none of it is really that smart, just convenient when it works :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m considering buying Homey Pro. I also have the Yale Smart Living Hub. Are there any progress in make your topic working in real life ?