Yale Doorman Modules

I’ve bought myself a Yale Doorman V2N and I see that there’s an app for Verisure. I’ve searched for other possibilites to connect Doorman to Homey, but there’s not much info about it. I see that Yale have different modules for different connection. They have one module for Verisure, one module for the RF controller and one new module for connecting to the Yale smarthome. Is it possible to write an app for the RF controller or the Yale smarthome to be able to connect it directly to Homey?

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I cant Get mine to find the zwave module… do i need the hub from Yale?

After what I’ve read different places, the rf and zwave module does not work with anything else than yale’s own hardware. If you want to use doorman with homey, you need the verisure hub and module and link that to the Homey. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but should work. There’s an app for homey which is named yale doorman I think. Check that out

I have the verisure gateway for my door lock, works well with the app that is available.

The Yale Doorman is as far as I am aware a European only product and hence would be expected to use European versions of the Yale modules which means it also uses European Z-Wave frequencies.

Whilst the most commonly used locks are the Yale Conexis L1 and Yales Keyless Connected locks I believe it uses the same modules. I can say that the Conexis L1 and Keyless Connected are officially compatible with Smartthings and I would therefore expect them to work with other European standard Z-Wave hubs. However…

The Doorman is not generally sold in the UK but what limited information I could quickly find does suggest that currently it might be being sold in versions tied to specific partners like Verisure and I also saw mention of

I did find the following page

This shows a module which is the same as used in the Conexis L1.

For what it’s worth Yale have recently finally announced the launch of the European version of the August Connected Module which will work in conjunction with the August Hub.

The above suggests the Doorman will also be supported by the Yale Access Module aka August Connect.

Yale UK/Europe unlike the US do not offer a Zigbee module :frowning: