Yale Doorman L3

I have just installed the Yale Doorman L3. Easy to install mechanically. Connecting it to the app was trickier, but it worked out after a couple of tries. Next step getting it to talk to Homey. Yale claims it will integrate with IFTTT, homekit and google home. One possible avenue.
It also appears to have physical space for the Yale Smart Living module, which in turn connects to the Yale Smart Living Hub which has a homey App. Unclear for now if it works with the L3 though. Not all keed on paying €200 for it just to try.
Yale Smart Living hub + lĂĄsmodul kit

It would be nice to tap in my code into the door, and trigger a series of flows. Anyone with any experience or taughts about this?


I don’t own the L3 myself…yet. According to some users over at the Home Assistant community, the Yale Connect bridge that is included with the L3 is more or less a rebranding of August locks and therefore the August integration works. So I guess that integration is a better path to follow for a developer.

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Is there an August integration for Homey? I cant find an app or any desceiption of integrering them.
The connect has been a pain to install, and the range is really crap. But once it works lock is really good.

Have anyone tried to connect the L3to Homey through the IFTTT-app? There is a connection in the L3 access-app for this.

Have anyone got the l3 lock in to homey or read if anyone is working on that? Read that it works on home assistant

I had some trouble with my bluethooth on one of the locks, and Yale told me to do one or two factory resets of the lock, and that did the trick to connect to the connect…

Any updates on this topic from anyone? I am planning to buy three Yale Doorman L3. And obviously I would like to have an integration with Homey! IFTTT could be a solution before an app is out. Have anyone successfully tried that?

Just a quick question. Here in Norway, it seems like the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is included with lock. It should be possible to reach e.g. IFTTT directly from this one, right?

The connect is included, but Haven’t seen any good integration yet. I haven’t been able to get IFTTT to work with it anyhow. Very keen to hear from someone how does.

I have the Yale Linus lock with the Connect module. Not quite the same but maybe some commonality.

A slight issue with HomeKit - can’t control the lock from HK but status updates to HK work. I have managed the connection to Alexa, Google and IFTTT though. Wouldn’t say they are working perfectly but they do work.

Using the August integration in IFTTT can you connect to your Yale account ?

Anyone got this working?, preferably not using IFTTT, native zig bee zwave or WiFi to Homey would be preferable for me.


I see that there are integration with yale as long as you have a verisure account, but any news on how to get it to work yale connect and homey?

I have gotten it working with IFTTT.
I use the IFTTT August integration to start a flow in homey.

It works but not ideal, etc the doorbell is not working. I would rather have a fully supported homey app.

I hope indeed that someone with the skill and knowhow develops an app! That Yale would take the initiative is probably too much to hope for. I would quite frankly pay for a z-wave module for the lock. The Connect is fickely, and the. bluetooth range is ridiculously small.

If you have SmartThings then I belive you can add the lock to that and then use my SmartThings app to add it to Homey.

Yeah, you can! But smartthings and IFTTT it’s not ideal… Lock and unlock works, nothing else, etc the doorbell on L3.

There is a lot of Yale apps but only for Verisure version for some reason?!

I think that the developers don’t know that L3 has its on “connect”. :v::joy:

I solve the wifi-problem by doing a factory reset on the lock and moved the bridge so it’s now 1 m from the door. Now THAT part works flawless at least :joy::partying_face:

Bumping this thread!
IFTTT isn’t a greate alternative!

Got this working with the smart things app, lock is present in smart things

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There is now an official app that works! :grimacing: