Yale Linus

Hi guys, was wondering if anyone has come up with someway to connect the new Yale locks to homey, since Yale uses bluetooth and WiFi, since homey supports both this shouldn’t be a challenge to them.

ps. I tried the IFTTT and hasn’t succeeded with the flow

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That reminds me of this:


In other words: just because Homey supports WiFi and Bluetooth (to some extend) doesn’t mean that it’s easy or trivial to implement device support.


well I have an idea around it, on home mode using the ip adress to access the Yale Bridge, should work I guess

:rofl:why not am up for the challenge

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Hi, has there been any progress with Yale Linus? Curious :wink:

There is an IFTTT integration (august app) this works but I rather not use IFTTT but homey. Now I’m not a programmer myself so guess I have to wait for a developer that buys an Yale Linus :slight_smile:

Since I’m also not able to draw an owl but can use google I’ve stumbled on this: August Lock REST APIs (the basics) | by Nolan Brown | Medium So if this speeds up an integration, your help would be appreciated!

Same here… Not a programmer either… Just a user thats glad that there is a community of talented coders helping us users out! :slight_smile:

Here is another link that i found that probebly also makes it easier for a programmer because its already written in node…

Go for Loqed. :wink:

I’ve not chosen loqed because you cannot enter with a fysical key anymore (I thought). Anyway Yale is on my door now, so I have to deal with it :slight_smile:

I also bought a Yale Linus with a Bridge (wifi/bluethoot). I am not a programmer either. However, I did manage to pair this combination with my Homepod from Apple which does allow me to open and close the door via Siri (Apple Home). It seems to me that this should also be able to be arranged/programmed in the Homey?

So I’m looking for a programmer who can develop an app for this in the Homey!

I have chosen for the Yale Linus because it fits on every cylinder. So I have one on the front door and one on the garage.

If it works with HomeKit, you might be able to use the HomeKit Controller app to control it.

He doesn’t see de lock in the Homekit Controller app?

You could ask the developer.

@TheRealLink do you have a sollution?

Sometimes dreams come true! :slight_smile:

Really happy to see this . Your description reads…

“ You’re just a tap away from locking up, sending virtual keys to trusted friends”

Can you explain quite how I do this with your app ?

You have to ask the developer I think.
Support & contact links are at the bottom of every app page (if supplied by dev.)

@xAPPO Not my app… But it seams that you can set pincodes with flows! :slight_smile:


do i need the YALE WIFI bridge to connect Linus Smart Lock with Homey.

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Yes! The app talks to Yales cloud service not the lock directly so you need the bridge.

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