Yale Smart Keypad

I am setting up an security at work, we went with the Yale Doorman L3S Flex at the main door.
We have an backdoor also, that i want to just install an Keypad. That we can use to turn on/off the alarm. Anyone know if you can use the “Yale Smart Keypad”? I cant find it in the app, found 2 other keypad from Yale but not this new thin one. Or anyone have any other suggestions that isnt to expensive? Live in Norway and using the Homey Pro 2023

U can see an image of it here: https://www.elkjop.no/image/dv_web_D180001002875135/389832/yale-smart-keypad--pdp_zoom-3000--pdp_main-960.jpg

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution for this as I am also interested

Went with buying an other since i got no response

What other did you buy?

“ring” had an set that had one included. And what I could see that one should work with Homey.