Benext app

Is someone who can create or update the benext app?

It doesn’t want install on my homey pro

It probably is already installed, the messages are delayed, look at your installed apps.


The problem is that the app is not compatible with new homey software.


in the App store you can make a request.

No response,

Maybe someone can make a new app

@Robin_van_Kekem was the maker of this app, please Robin, can you give some information about the eventuel upgrade of this app to Homey V2 ?

It took me a lot of time to write the first version. All apps require a complete rewrite by using code I still can’t get my head around for which I don’t have time and energy. That and I can’t get motivated to do them all over again.
I’m sorry


Okay thanks for reply.

I hope someone can pick it up from you
So it works with new firmware

I’ll look into that

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Thank you to take this update in your account.
Any dead line?
Can somebody help you

I’ll send a pull request next week to Robin_van_Kekem.
It will be first a beta version


Hi Mapulu

Thanks for the update.
It is possible to add old Tagreader?
I have the documentation with code.
Thank you in advance

XML file from tag Reader ol version

Should be possible. I’ll take a look into it.

What is the old tagreader? Is that tagreader 500. When I try to add it. The message is that no app is found. Adding as simple device…

There is a “Tagreader” and the newer one “Tagreader 500”

They look exactly the same but have other hardware or firmware inside.

Could you please provide the Manufacturer-ID, Device-Type-ID and Device-ID which can be found in the device under advanced settings?

Device Id 36
Manufacturer id 138
Product type Id 7
Product Id 257

That’s strange.
For the old tagreader the product id should be 256
and for the new “tagreader 500” it should be 512.
I guess it is the older one?

Between them there are differences with the command classes/command class versions.

There is not much information on the device itself. On the back plane it is called tag reader and it is not zwave plus. The numbers are from homey for the simple device that is added.

They both exist. There has been a newer old one probably :slight_smile:

Hello old tag reader

XML old tagreader

XML tag Reader 500