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You do have the same one as I have. But 257 is 0101. That’s probably why it is not recognized.

I have been checking the manuals at benext. To include the tagreader 500 us, you have to use the enter key. To include the tagreader eu. You have to use the tamper switch on the back. The app is mentioning tagreader 500 but the instructions are for the old tagreader. Something is mixed up. Extra complication is the fact there are two old tagreaders with resp. Id 0100 and 0101. Sebastien has the same one as I have. Maybe that is the one that has been sold the last years. When I look at the website of benext It looks as if tagreader 500 is for US and tagreader is for EU.

I looked into it and it should also work with the Tag Reader 500 Driver. So I added the product IDs.

I send a PR for the Beta Version
@Robin_van_Kekem has to approve it and send it to Homey Apps where Athom has to approve it.

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Thank you Mapulu for the help and the job

It’s approved and alive as Beta

Hi thank you
Just checked for me on homey app is always the 1.0.3 the beta version

Did you already pressed publish?

Even today it is still version 1.0.3 instead of 1.0.4

Any update?

There seems to be a problem with the store for this app
According to the dashboard the app is published as Beta…

The app is published as beta 1.0.3. It is however not updated to the latest version from Martin 1.0.4.

I have the P1 dongle from Benext installed for some time. I cannot seem to get anything usefull of it. I get data from the dongle but i would like to do more with the data. For example i would like to know the amount of electricla power used in a day.week or month. I have absolutely no idea where or how to start with this. These are the opions i get:



Can anyone help me with logic to point me in the right direction?

greetz Frans

I do it like this:

  • Make a number variable to save the usage per timeframe (week, month or whatever);
  • Make a flow that starts every end of the timeframe and have it calculate the followinig:


My variable is named RelaisBuitenVerbruikMaand and at the end of every month I decrease the current energymeter with the saved value from last month (which actually is the usage over the past month).

Finally I have a second flow to reset energymeter to 0 without having a wrong usage at the end of the month. That flow looks like this:


Then I have another variable that I use to save the date and time of resetting, but this is optional.

Edit: translated to English, sorry.

Hi Arno,

Thanks for the explanation :+1: . I am realy trying to understand it but my knowlegde of logic is very bad.

  • Make a number variable to save the usage per timeframe (week, month or whatever);
    I have tried to figure this out but no idea what i am doing! Can you give me an example?

Okay, I made a variable called RelaisBuitenVerbruikMaand. It’s a number variable so I can make calculations with it and store number values inside it.

My relais has an energymeter that continuously increases (until I reset it back to 0, but otherwise it will only increase), so let’s say that at August 1 the meter gives a usage of 100 kWh and at August 31 it says 105.6kWh. The usage for August is then the actual meter value minus the meter value at August 1, so 105.6 - 100 = 5.6kWh.

The actual meter value is always available in the device itself, but the value on a specific startdate is not unless you store it in a variable at that time. In my example the 100kWh meter value from August 1 needs to be stored somewhere otherwise it’s not available anymore at August 31.

So at 23:59 on every last day of every month I calculate the above example {{Energiemeter-RelaisBuitenVerbruikMaand}} and store this value in the same variable. So what acutally happens is that the stored value (100 of August 1) is still in the variable, then it will calculate 105.6-100 and stores the result (5.6) back in the same variabe which I then use to make a notification on the timeline and send it in a push notification to my phone (to be sure that the new value is stored I do this after a delay of 3 seconds) and after that I put back the current meter value in the variable so that I’m ready again for another month.
My complete flow looks like this:

The second flow that I have when I choose to reset my meter back to 0 prevents that I get false values at the end of the month.
Say at the beginning of the month the Energymeter again has 100kWh and then at some point during the month I choose to reset it back to 0 (let’s say I do this when there is 110kWh on the meter and at the end of the month the energymeter lists 10kWh. If I don’t do anything about it, at the end of the month my usage would be current meter value (10) minus metervalue at first day of the month (100) = 10 - 100 = -90kWh…
I actually had used 10kWh when I reset it back to 0 (from 100 to 110) and then another 10 to go to the end of the month (so 20 total).
For this I have another number variable called RelaisBuitenVerbruik which before resetting I fill with the current energy meter value, so RelaisBuitenVerbruik gets the value of 110, then after 5 seconds I reset the meter back to 0 and I also need to “recalculate” what the energymeter was knowing that I now reset the meter. So what I do is I make a new calulation for RelaisBuitenVerbruikMaand and set it as the old value (100) minus the metervalue just before resetting (110) so the new value becomes 100 - 110 = -10.
Then at the end of the month the usual flow runs again and it calculates the months usage as Energy meter (10) - stored value (-10) = 10 - -10 = 20kWh.

Hope it’s a bit clear now. If not, then feel free to send me a personal message, I think you can also read and speak Dutch, so it may be easier to understand and explain to each other.

Hi Robin, hi mapulu,

It is possible to switch beta version 1.0.4 in master?
I think all homey box have moved to v2 so it is no reason to keep all version and this will solve Tagreader issue & store beta issue!
What do you think?

Thanks for publishing 1.0.4. Tagreader is working great again.

Just promoted 1.0.4 to stable