My ideas, and frustrations so far

I’m a new Homey user having come from years of disappointment with Zipato and Smart Things and domotica in general. Too difficult and unreliable and time consuming. I was hoping Homey would do better.

Why is the web app under construction and very limited? That’s awfully frustrating because while from time to time actually controlling stuff from an app on a handheld is fine, setting up everything which is a time consuming process, is much more comfortable with two hands, keyboard, mouse and a large screen.

I want to see what device I have connected to my smart plug, not the name I gave to the smart-plug device itself. So “TV on Fibaro Wall Plug #1”. Of course I can rename the device, but it ought to be a separate entity that could move to a different Plug. Homey seems to miss this dimension completely.

In the app store or in the community app store, when I’m logged in, why can’t I see that I ALREADY have the app installed on my Homey? What happens if I install it again by mistake? This is how all other app stores I know work.

My account > My addresses = empty after I deleted my address by accident but no “add address” to be seen???

Why is frequently giving me “homey_offline”?

I would expect to see an overview somewhere of all the apps needing an update? (without the Update checker app).

The clumsy web app should be much friendlier and give plenty more mouseover hints on all the icons which I don’t understand.

In Insights “Last year” gives the previous calendar year for Jan 1 to Dec 31, while “Last 2 years” gives the past 24 months. That is just silly. “Last year” should give past 12 months.

Insight graphs should be zoomable and pannable. There are so many graph libraries that offer that.


You know this is a user community right? So if any of these things bothers you enough to want to have (a chance of) getting them changed for you, you should contact Athom.

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You just install the last version over it. Ot an test version. Just dont remove an app ( from within mobile app) or you will lose the devices.

This is just for the shop. Dont bother…

If you leave auto update enabled you don’t need that…

Right in the feels.

I gotta say, if these are the frustrations that are top of mind you must be a very happy overall Homey user :slight_smile:!


And what are the things you’re happy with or enthousiastic about with Homey, compared with the previous systems you have used?

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This I don’t understand. Here you can do all the editing and creating, no?

I can give some context perhaps.

Historically when the app went from version 1 to version 2. (Now on version 8). Homey moved from being a desktop based application to a mobile based application. They took a punt that mobile was the future and where they should spend their time and effort - making a first class app.

The entire web interface was removed, and we just had the mobile app.

Over time more features have been added back to the web interface, but it is the primary interface - it’s just something for people who want to use a keyboard / mouse, or some specific use cases (advance flows and insights).

Hope that gives context, the webUi is there as a nice to have for people like yourself but the primary ui is the mobile.