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First off I come from SmartThing to Hubitat and now Homey.
I had to get rid of Smartthings due to its unreliability. Hubitat works great and never failed for us. My complaint was the app interface. It is just aweful looking and the added dashboard solutions I was not happy with. I always wanted a single app solution.

Enter Homey. I think the app is great looking and easy to navigate. It would be helpful if we can organize zones and devices inside of the zones. Currently they self-organize alphabetically. I would like to group like devices together instead of by name. Also being able to move zones(rooms) around for ease of use would also be helpful. I would think this could be a long press and drag/drop in the app.

Another small detail would be great if we could hide devices so they don’t show up in the app. I have many Lutron PICOs and contact sensors that are useful but don’t want them displayed. Its a silly detail but would make the app interface more beautiful. I do set up zones for these devices so they are techincally not in the individual zones(rooms.)

Maybe there is already a way to doing these that I just don’t know as I am SUPER new to Homey. Like 2 weeks in.


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Fully agreed! Your findings pop up every now and then, not sure if it’s ever going to be changed.
Make sure to drop Athom a note about your findings and improvement suggestions per https://homey.app/support ! (While they officially don’t read forum posts).

One thing, in the web app is some drag’n’drop functionality present, and right-click “move to” commands.
Sometimes the mobile app is more convenient, sometimes the web app. They also have their own options sometimes, what you can’t find @ mobile app, you can find @ web app, and v.v.

Screenshot from 2024-01-21 18-17-21

About alphabetically organizing, it’s a bit clumsy, but manually sorting the zones works better to me, when numbering them

For devices I want first or last, I put a 1 or a z as first character of the name.
To ‘hide’ devices, I put them in a zone called ‘zombie’ or z_whatever’ to list them last at the bottom

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