Considering moving from Hubitat to Homey Pro

Hi All, first post!

I currently use Hubitat (c7).
95% of my devices are zigbee.
I have a few hub-hub integrations (SmartThings, Tado, Hue)
My automations heavily rely on Mode dependencies, and location (Home/Away).
I use a fair few ‘community’ apps/device handlers
I would consider myself an intermediate home automation user. I’m UK based.

Homey Pro looks interesting.
I would ordinarily buy a new hub just to play around with it to see how it compares (as I did when I switched from SmartThings to Hubitat). However, given Homey’s very high price tag…I am a bit more reluctant to do so straight away, so I’d like to avoid disappointment as much as possible before making a decision.

Are there any resources comparing functionality between the Hubitat and Homey Pro systems.
What might I miss if switching? What might frustrate me? What’s the native geofencing like?
I used to have a lot of Xiaomi/Aqara devices (luminescence, motion, door contact, buttons, temperature/humidity sensors) but gave up with them as they were never that stable on Hubitat (yes, I followed all the advice regarding establishing a strong zigbee mesh). How well do these devices work (directly) with Homey?
How does ‘local control’ compare between HE and Homey?

You may wonder why I am considering a move. Well, Hubitat serves me reasonably well. My automations are mainly motion/mode/light control. I just like trying new things.

I prefer using WebCore for automations as I have never got to grips with rule machine and the native simple automation apps.
I hate the Hubitat dashboard. It’s slow to load, looks horrible (I cannot b bothered building any of the fancy dashboards that I know are possible). Hubitat UI is not pretty, nor intuitive. It’s just not user friendly.

I would heavily rely on this forum for troubleshooting/advice/help. I have noticed that when I search for certain topics, a high proportion of posts are not in the English language. This is a little concerning for me.

Would be particularly interested in the opinions of ex-Hubitat users.

Thanks in advance for any opinions/answers/advice you may have for me :slight_smile:

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

To make sure you are aware of the forum rules, please read the Welcome to the forum post here.

In preferences you can mute all languages you don’t want to see.

Guess there will still be enough to read

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Similar setup here, about 60 Zigbee devices: Light/Power/Motion. I tried Hubitat shortly about 3y ago just before I switched to Homey, and never looked back. Hubitat had an extremely dated non-intuitive UI and no solid app. Although Homey has it’s limitations and occasional problems, you will love the mobile App and the many community apps (Dashboard) that are available. Automation is also very easy to configure on Homey as well.

I also considered switching to HA, but decided that (for me) it would require too much effort te set it up and keep it running. I also do not have many exotic devices that Homey does not support (most Apps are maintained by community devs by the way). IMO Homey strikes a great balance between advanced functionality and usability.