New Pro user….some frustrations

New user migrating from Hubitat.
Decided to try Homey just because it is so beautiful and the user interface is so much better than Hubitat. I was also intrigued by the Flows platform.

One thing I was realistic about was that Homey would NOT be as versatile and have as wide device compatibility as Hubitat. (I use mainly Zigbee devices). I thought that wouldn’t bother me…but there are a few devices I cannot add to Homey that I am finding a bit disappointing:

Linkind motion sensor (Zigbee). ZS1100040078 (and various other linkind devices such as Zigbee bulbs)

Heiman smoke detector HS3SA-E (Zigbee)

I suspect there may be many more Zigbee devices in my arsenal that I won’t be able to add.

Another disappointment is lack of device grouping capability. I use the community group app, but have noticed this does not allow me to edit my group once created (I.e., add new devices). In addition when grouping lights, I notice that there is no capability for ‘Zigbee group messaging’ where all lights turn on/off at same time. Instead lights within a group turn on/off sequentially.

Homey is a nice piece of kit, and the user interface is so much better than Hubitat. The devices and integrations that is supports (‘out of the box’) work well (for example, Hue, Tado) but for generic Zigbee devices…it seems to be a bit limited.

As for the flows…nice idea. Simple. Intuitive…but a little frustrating you need a separate flow for every ‘step’ of a process. (For example, motion controlled lighting with delayed off…3 separate flows.) Perhaps advanced flows would mean fewer individual flows…I have not worked this out yet.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to (at least) view advanced flows in the mobile app…I use my mobile for everything.

Anyway, these have been some of my initial thoughts.

I’d like to persevere with this nice piece of hardware…but my return window is rapidly approaching and I am yet unconvinced this (very expensive) switch might not be right for me….which I feel quite torn about!

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For Linkind, unfortunately this seems to be officially compatible only with DeconZ? , AiDot Linkind Motion Sensor ZS110040078 Zigbee compatibility Anyway, it’s pretty uncommon device ;-(

For Heiman, Heiman App for Homey | Homey - have you tried to reach out to developer ?

It’s not correct, the edit is done via MAINTENANCE action.

Not really, have you tried app like Timer ? Timer | Homey

That’s not an option today and confirmed recently on also it will be not in the future.

That only means someone has confirmed it works with deCONZ, but OP has it working on Hubitat and ZHA/Z2M most likely also support it (there’s another device with the same Zigbee ID that is supported by the latter: AiDot Linkind PIR Motion Sensor ZS1100400-IN-V1A02 Zigbee compatibility, but both ZHA and Z2M have generic device support too).

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Yes, I was encouraged to see an official app…but it doesn’t find the device (even the pairing instructions don’t exactly apply to the device), although I did know how to get it into pairing mode anyway. I’ll try again, just in case I’m doing something stupid (which, unfortunately, is not uncommon!)

An uncommon device maybe, but a pretty basic Zigbee device…so am a bit surprised I cannot add it. Homey finds the device as a “Zigbee device” but it does not allow it to function as a motion sensor

The only option I get under ‘Maintenance’ is “Try to Repair”. I can’t seem to find any option to edit the group list. Just for clarification, I am using the group community app.

Yes, and what happen when you select it ?

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Ah OK, not at all intuitive, but yes! Thanks!

Correct, but it’s the only way for devs to create such ‘special’ settings pages.

Also I don’t get why you didn’t just hit the only button in there, but maybe I’m the adventurous type :grimacing::wink:


The onboard Zigbee driver is very basic, and only sends limited types of commands to lights, plugs and switches/relays.
It’s unable to ‘listen’ to sensors, as you discovered.

Haha, fair point. I guess because every time I have looked at that option on other devices…it’s never been helpful.

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For these; you might wanna try the Trust app:

These smoke sensors are all the same make, but sold under different names. With different ID’s most of the time, but there’s no harm in trying… :wink:


Thanks! That has worked!

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Welcome. Hope you find a solution for the others too… :wink:

Definitely investigate advanced flows. They"re one of the best Homey features. Not implemented on mobile because the Devs couldn’t"t create a decent interface - not for want of trying.