Best dashboard for Homey

Hi Everyone,

Have my Homey for about 2 years now. But I’m still looking for a good dashboard to control everything on my iPad. I tried a lot of them.
I also tried Homeydash, but although I wish I could make something and I think it’s a great start, it is not complete enough and could use a better user interface.
(I have Hue, Ring doorbell, nest thermostat + smoke detectors, wemo switches and some other minor stuff. )

Who knows the best app out there? More then happy to pay for the app of course.

That would be realy helpfull!


HomeKit Apple? Nice interface


Maybe it is an option now with homey (v2) HomeKit integration

I am also looking for this. However im wondering if the new 2.0 app wil; have a tablet version as well since that app alreaady seems like quite a good dashboard to me.

I recieved a message from one the Homey guys saying they are thinking of making an iPad version…

I’m trying homekit and comes close to what I want, but I miss Ring integration and Sonos and good Spotify integration and Google assitant integration of course. (that’s apple vs google vs amazon battle :slight_smile:)
That’s why a Homey ipad dashboard would be a perfect solution, since it brings it all together.


I am also looking for a nice dashboard, which ones have you tried? I have struggled to find amy other than Homeydash

I’m currently trying to set things up with Apple’s Home app in combination with Homey V2. Seems ok for now.
But still integration with sonos, ring etc is not ideal.

I tried almost the whole app store from apple when it comes to smart home apps :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply, no Apple devices in house, a mix of android and Windows 10. There are hundreds of home automation interface designs on Behance but it seems that nobody is building a working interface.

Even though I am into Apple environment ever since, HomeKit is not something that offers a nice Dashboard to me.

I am dreaming of a „cheap“ tablet, wall mounted, activated by a push of display, showing a beauty of an overview, enabling myself to quickly set temp and lights, seeing all critical stuff such as bad air or open stuff etc.

Perhaps there will be a workaround to use other home automation dashboards? Dunno the name right now but isn’t there a very nice (guess French?) platform? -> meant ImperiHome
I had found this some time ago, it’s a neat idea in that it allows you create a dashboard to suit your device but it’s connected to their system. Homeys hardware makes it very attractive, it ties all the different systems together. Maybe they could use the designer as inspiration.

I agree Philip!! This looks pretty neat!!! Yeti is also nice, but again no total integrator. Could be a huge USP for Homey to develop this I think.

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Also Gideon seems similar

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Imperihome has commented a while ago that they will look into supporting Homey, once the API was available / stable / settled.

I personally would love Homey to be supported by them.


Gideon looks nice

There are many examples on dribble and behance of UI designs none in use :thinking:

Honestly - for such a price for the quite basic hardware

  • I really expect the developers to deliver (at least for v2) a stable app and a useful dashboard. To me - Athom is not delivering a real value for the amount of money while pushing all work, creativity and responsibility to the private developers.

Otherwise - which many people do - there is the possibility to use „homee“ and just take Homey for the hardware support.

If a useable and stable version 2 may ever get released, we will know more. You will read it in the online news then, whether it’s usable or if the change makes more sense, believe me. :wink:


Another one, Conrad Connect, like ImperiHome a subscription based web dashboard, but you can make crazy complex flows in a graphic editor. Everything cloud based, unfortunately no Homey support but quite some popular hardware brands. I tried the free version and it works well and quite responsive.

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I have to say, I agree on that. I have my Homey for a year, I bought it for flexibility. I’m not a developer and I definitely don’t have time to learn how to program it. I think it lacks certain features and user friendliness like this dashboard. Still hoping they will make it


The latest answer of ImperiHome Dev-Team re Homey-Implementation:

„We are looking at it but their API is very complicated… but we will do our best“