Request for Tablet interface / dashboard from Athom


I have been giving it time, expecting it to appear from itself,

But i have enough.

we need a real tablet interface for Homey.

  • Homey app is not made for horizontal tablets
  • Node Red is much too complicated for average users
  • Homey dash is still much too basic, uncomplete
  • Imperihome is still not homey compatible (would be great)
  • People are doing great efforts on specific solutions, but most step-by-step guides are unfortunately only for advanced users.

yes, we have tablets hanging on walls to pilot our home appliances, any other smarthome solution has a nice interface!! why not homey?
No, i stoped using voice interfacing as it was unstable and problematic with children.
Yes there are tons of topics about this, all closed sooner or later by the admins, so yes, here is one more.


Probably a Homey+ feature… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Absolutely agree!

Seems idiotic that they have such an amazing app for the phone but can’t convert it into a useful iPad like app.

This is a community forum…


I guess it is just about priorities and resources,
While core developers are busy making some protocols more stable and back-up is probably almost finished I heard from the insiders that a tablet interface is absolute one of the top priorities now.

Also heard it is going to be awesome :sunglasses: so development is probably on the way.

That makes that this topic should not change to a whine topic but a topic to suggest features to see appear in this tablet app.

Therefore I am going to close all other not yet close topics about that and rename this one to remove feelings from the title and make that others can find it.


It’s very personal but I would like two have a dashboard in which I could:

  1. Start flows;
  2. See and react on incoming doorbell (doorbird) and open the door based on the cctv presented in a pop up;
  3. Have several widgets, at least weather forecast, news headlines and a widget with a calendar synchronizing with a shared family calendar.
  4. Controll audio on my speakers (bluesound).
    5 See status of lights, temperature, screens, alarm.

Try the form, because Athom doesn’t read here.

Yes, I would like to have this VERY MUCH too… :slight_smile:

What I would like:

  • be very flexible in design and layout
  • status of devices and state of sensors
  • log of when a flow has run
  • camera, (i.e.) when de doorbel has been pressed
  • location of mobile devices and their battery status
  • battery status of sensors
  • heating and ventilation controls
  • climate (inside and out) display (temp, pressure, humidity)
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Ik know that. However I don’t really understand it., As a professional business you would want to know your customers and know how the customers are experiencing your products. Especially when this forum is a link on their own official website.

Nevertheless is this a forum on which we can discuss things between customers, right?

Aside from tablet size / rotation which would be really appreciated and long overdue my biggest annoyance currently is the fixed portrait display. I’m thinking most wall mounted tablets and commercial brackets are landscape. Maybe not the ones for phones though.

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I just bought a Homey Pro and took for granted that it exist a iPad app, but what I understand here is that it dont?:flushed:
Is there any news about if it coming soon?
Otherwise I have to return it.:grimacing:


So expect that ther will be something coming :soon:


yeaah, they did it
its the mobile phone app with formating for tablet size

dead ugly,

no actual measures visible, you have to click on your devices to see their value/temperatures


It’s been months and still nothing.
My homey sits unused. I wish I knew how long it would take them to implement a dash, I would never have given them my money.

Think you better look at the alternatives, and go on with your live, then waiting for Athom, but it’s your live that that you waisting.