Android app on tablet: Tiles too big. Anyone having a suggestion?

Hi guys,

I’m running the latest version of the Android app (2.0.6) on my LG G pad 8.0 tablet. It has a fullHD resolution and it fits nicely the whole screen. So far, so good…

Problem is that the tiles of the interface are soooo big that I can only see/control 3 tiles at once. Does anyone know if there is a solution for this? Maybe another app that runs on the background and that crops the whole thing or something like this?

Athom is working on a tablet-app, no ETA yet… Now it’s just the phone-app. However, I did see pictures with five tiles in a row, at least for favourites… You could use screen-splitting and, with your tablet in landscape, use half of your screen?

See here for more info: Request for Tablet interface / dashboard from Athom