App ver Device tiles shrinked, text does not fit anymore

After updating the IOS app on my iPad to latest version i noticed that all device tiles are now much smaller, result is that all text and values listed in the tile do not fit anymore.
Overal layout has become very messy, previous version all text was nicely aligned with calm overview, do not like this small tiles, step backwords.

On my iPhone and iPad the latest app release crashes after starting. I can not use it anymore :frowning:

It was version 8.0.4 - now the 8.1.0 is available in the AppStore.

Support case created

btw, i run app on iPad 9th gen with latest iPadOS 17.4.1

Please delete the app and install it again. This should solve this issue.

Deleted App, did new install from appstore, no change, still the small tiles.
Noticed only that app version is now

I replied to @dferch, because his apps crashed.
The smaller tiles, which I like btw., has something todo with the GUI of the app and that can only be changed by Athom.

Got an answer from Support, smaller tiles are done intentially by Athom.

I myself still do not like that since much less space to list values and full text inside each tile, Can imagine on Iphone with small screen that would work best where you do not have much real estate to work with, but on an IPad with much larger screen these smaller tiles downgrade the user experience.

Nothing we can do about it then, case closed.

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As I said, GUI is part of Athom.

Does it make a difference if you reduce the font size on the iPad? Have you ever tried this?
Sure, the entire font on the iPad would also become smaller.
You can of course also submit a request to Athom to ask if they can implement an option for the font size inside the App settings. However, I don’t know if this has any chance of success.

Changing font-size would indeed impact all app that use dynamic font scaling, do no want that.

Have looked at the app releasenotes and could not find any remark on smaller tiles, also in the Apple appstore the old layout is still showed in the preview section, so what you see is not what you get.

Would have been better if there was a checkbox added in app setings where you can select small or large tiles, then all happy.

with latest ios app version v8.2.0 tiles are back to it’s original size.

nice :+1:

According to an Athom employee, the smaller size of the device tiles was a bug:


But it seems that other users found the smaller size also better, just like me… :wink:

Anyway, it would be nice if Athom would add a size adjustment.