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Bug App iPhone 8?

Hello everybody. Since a week I am homey user. On my iPhone 8 I have problems with visibility in the Homey app of the devices which I paired with Homey. When I want to adjust the dimmer, the white plate of the device shows suddenly some lines and the symbol of the device disappears. However when I use the same app on my iPad and Macbook there are no problems and everything seems to work fine.

This is a screenshot of my iPhone 8 with the lines and the missing symbols of some devices after I want to adjust some settings on the device (Kaku):

Can anybody tell me if there is a solution for this problem for the app on my iPhone 8?

Has nothing to do with your Iphone 8 but with your IOS version probably you have IOS 12 installed like me and since then I have the same problems with my Iphone X

Thanks for your fast reply Chris. Do you know if Athom will solve this problem at a short notice? On my iPad iOS 12 is installed as well and there I not experience these problems

The new and improved V2 app will appear when the V2 firmware will be here. (and we don’t know when that is) I think for now the V1 app is not receiving any love soon.