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Misplaced buttons in iOS app

Hi all,

Sinds last Saturday I’m the proud owner of a Homey :smiley:
Currently I’m setting up the devices and apps to control everything from the Homey controller.

Sinds the beginning I have some issues with the vision of the iOS app (iOS12.0.1).
The view is misplaced and in some cases I see some lines on the place I should see the % output of the lamps.

I don’t know if this is ‘normal’?

Thank for the help!



It’s not normal in the sense that the user interface is broken, but there’s not much you can do about it at the moment. From what I understand, the current iOS app won’t receive any more updates since the new v2.0 app is “just around the corner”.

I have the same problem with the IOS app. Hopefully version 2.0 will be available soon. Hopefully we can do more with Siri.

You can do everything you want with Siri by installing this app: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.swttt.homekit

It works awesome and I have all my devices and alarms working with Siri and Apple Home Kit.

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Thanks for the reply’s.

So I bought something from €299,- and it is currently not woking fine, because an update is around the corner?
What will happend in the future, when there are some bugs in the newer version?


Homey is (mostly) working just fine, it’s the mobile app that isn’t.

But the current app is severely limited in its possibilities anyway: if you want to manage devices or create flows, you need to use the PC/Mac app for the time being. That will all change with v2 of the mobile app.

Like @danone says: the Homeykit app that you can install on Homey offers much better iOS integration anyway, using Siri, shortcuts and widgets to control your devices.

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:gift: will it be when this will be delivered before Christmas

Very good question, Like all the answers to this questions this is gonna be the same: We don’t know when, It’s will be done when it’s done.

yes, we will start testing Homey v2.0 in the first weeks of November with the enthousiasts in Athom’s Alpha Tester Program. -Emile

You can find the most recent news with in the previous behind the magic blog or there is scheduled to be a new blog coming on the first Friday of each month.

Cool - I see in the app store two apps that seem to address the interaction with HomeKit, HomeyKit and HomeKit. What’s the difference between the two apps?

I only have Homeykit installed so I don’t know the real difference.
However, now with the new firmware 2.0 the integration with HomeKit is native in Homey. No need for any of this apps :grinning:

Wauw, that’s great! So that means the integration is ‘official’ with this firmware? Why is this not yet mentioned on the cpy website? That’s kind of big news right?

Of course is big! Hence, they announce it on the blog.

Super!!! I Guess the reason the main website does not mention this yet is because it’s still in beta. But this blog shows indeed some exciting new stuff! For me as an Apple user the native support for HomeKit is a true differentiator and something I have been looking for for some time now. I would not know of any (reliable) hardware bridge that is able to do this natively. So this seems to be a unique selling point! Or am I missing something here?

And after some sport and subsequent shower: how should I read the HomeKit support? Does this mean there is now really support / approval from Apple to make this integration? Reason I am asking is that Homebridge (with Pi) or the HomeyKit/HomeKit app for Homey were developed via a sort of unofficial ‘backdoor’ which I understood Apple could choose to close at any point in time. Would be a bummer if the native HomeKit support could also be killed again in the future… for me this is a key element. Any views from others?

Using IOS 12.1.1 on IPHONE SE also shows garble images, on Homey app.

I have to restart it so often that I am considering an upgrade to Homey app 2.0 if its available for power-users.

Been using several Smarthome systems, and from benchmarking per example Telldus IOS app you have a lot to learn. Espesially the favorite startup screen, that will save the users a lot of click´s finding right device. :grinning:


-> May we have something in the Homey app 2.0?

Where do you post requests - to dev team?!


You can make a request of support here :

Please include screen shot - and let them know that it is for the v1 - beta app.

But if they fix the bug I will be shocked. Your going to have to wait for v2 I believe.

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Could not wait - now running 2.0.rc2 and its oh yes its not garbled. Anyhow plz make the white icons with a GREEN DOT for POWERED ON, that would help us belive its actually POWERED on, and up and running :slight_smile:


Or this might be better with intuitive with green dot (OK), grey (OFF), red sign (out of order)…

And the text of device could be with a smaller font… - make “power now” and “accumulated power meter” autoupdate and flipable in 10 sec.

This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom. You can read more about this here Welcome to the forum.

Its a nice suggestion, you can give it to Athom here

Done :slight_smile: