IOS Home(kit) as front-end for Homey

Anybody tried, if possible, to use apple Home as a front-end for Homey. If this is possible I would install it on a ipad and have it as central control for everybody.
The lack of a universal front-end is the biggest showstopper to get buy-in from the family. I don’t want the family to have full access to the Homey app and thus all settings. Until then It’s a toy for myself, nothing more.

Start by installing one of three Homekit implementations for Homey and see if that works for you.

Did you check out the difference between the various roles? Owner / Guest and User? Did you check out HomeyDash?

And as robert says… there are multiple apps for it and an built-in experiment.

I’m using the athom implementation for homekit. Works alright for me.
I created some virtual switches for different states for my living room "eavening’ and ‘sleep’

I can controll all my lights, but my somfy shutters can’t be controlled from homekit (my ‘sleep’ scene also shuts my shutters, but that done from my homey, when my virtual switch sleep is turned on, a flow is started.)

It work’s very well for me!
I like it much more then Homeydash.
I use the HomeyKit App

Thanks for the tips and tricks!
In the mean time I implemented the roles.
But an ipad as central dashboard and controls is still on my to do list. Homekit seems to be the easiest way. Looking at some promising implementations. But can you revert to a previous state (de-install app) without impacting the existing setup (without Homekit).
I want avoid a apple homekit lock-in.

I am an owner since 2 weeks and discover new things every day.
My biggest complaint yet is the lack of detailed user and system doc.

Homekit support for Homey doesn’t change anything to your Homey setup, it merely acts as an interface between Homey and iOS/macOS. When you deinstall the Homekit app, everything on Homey will keep working just like it did before.

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Is it safe to assume that if I add aqara to homey I will be able to use it via Homekit on my Iphone, ipad and mac?

Aqara what, exactly?

double rocker without neutral

You’d have to try, I can’t definitively say it’ll work properly.

Oh too bad, I it quite an invesment …

Use a physical button to show you a press virtually in HomeKit, please help me understand the use case?

No, you cannot control a switch from home-kit, the same way I cannot control that switch from my homey. What you can do from you homey is do something when you press a button on a switch.

If you want your homey to do the same thing when you press a virtual button (which you can ‘press’ from home-kit) and if you press a real button, you can do someting like this:

you need 3 flows

flow 1: triggers when virtual button is pressed -> starts flow 3
flow 2: triggers when a real button is pressed -> starts flow 3
flow 3: triggers when this flow is started -> do something with lights, shutters of robot vacuum cleaner

nice thing is that this way you can press the real button, press the virtual button from home-kit, the homey app or homeydash