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Hi All,

I am trying to find my way out to controll my house on a wall mounted iPad.

Main Goal;
Let the family control the house from 1 central place.
Run flows using the iPad and not voice controlled like Alexa or Ghome

I am not introduced in programming software but are open to learn(I read already a lot in this community)
I spend already a lot of time reading how to manage HomeyDash.
I found attached pic on google. This is the goal; some tabs with a collection of commands

I understand its all beta but;
Where to find tutorials?
Where to find a step for step guide?

Thanks for your reply!

Using; Homey/Fibaro/Nest/Forrest/Ring…


That image is very very very old (my old dashboard) and is not working at all anymore.

Currently the only easy way is homeyda.sh.

As the api is going to change a lot with homey v2, I would not recommend to start now but wait until the new documentation is online.

Since you are using an iPad maybe you can give a try to Apple’s Homekit.
For that you need to install the app HomeyKit

You can also run your flows. I use it quite successful.

Thanks for the update…Any idea about the schdule for V2?

Thanks Danone…I will give it try!

there is no, and never will be a schedule for anything athom does.

and i know as much as you do if you read the latest blog