Homey Wall Dashboard

Hi All,
I’m having a hard time finding a good way to control the house via a wall-mounted device. AKA an internet page. Does anyone know a good way to easily build a custom dashboard? I know HomeyDash already (but i can’t customize easily) and would prefer not to use HA. Thanks!

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Wait a while. Athom seems to have something planned.

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Maybe you can give my flavor of Homeydash a go.
It runs local and is configurable to some extend.
A howto is present


Hello, have you any information on this topic ?

Not more than an educated guess. In the youtube vid, a gauge icon was visible in the web app, what could mean a dashboard is in development
To view, FF to 1:17:25 & 1:21:00



Haha WAUW. I don’t know what I like more here. that they share this big spolier or that we/you notice this. anyway good news! Thanks.