Advanced Flow — Ask Me Anything

Advanced Flow — Ask Me Anything :speech_balloon:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments during our livestream :two_hearts:

On Tuesday 5th, 19:00 CEST we’ll host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) livestream, where you can ask questions regarding Advanced Flow.

Make sure to set a reminder on YouTube so you won’t miss it! :bell:

If you can’t make it, reply your question to this topic, and we’ll try to answer it during the livestream.

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Can you please offer a (time limited) free trial?


How do these advanced flows translate into the mobile apps that don’t have the extended canvas?

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Can we convert existing ‘normal’ flows to advanced? Makes it easier to try/start when you already have some complicated flows.


Wait what?.. do you mean all my 750 flows aren’t visible & editable in the AF editor?

I don’t know… didn’t seem like it. And I want to know before buying. :wink:

The advanced flow editor only works on the PC

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No I don’t have an option to convert them from the old flow editor to the advanced flow editor

Well that sucks.


As a base model Homey Pro user (the Homey that was not called Pro until you released your bridge), who might want to upgrade to a “real” Pro, even if my current Homey is not defect, I would appreciate it if you would allow us to transfer the license from one single device to another, provided both devices use the same Homey account.

(Even better: make Advanced Flow one purchase per user instead of a separate purchase per device, but your business decision was different I see in the FAQ).



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It probably does on a mobile or tablet with ‘desktop mode’ enabled in the browser?
But a phone screen is too small maybe.

A nice thing about the standard flow editor is, I can edit almost anywhere I like (on the couch hehehehe)

I bought the advanced flow. Now I am getting confirmation email every 1 minute. Please make it stop.
Also, my homey did not detect the purchase. How can I force it to do so?
I am on firmware 7.3.0. Is this blocking it from using the advanced flow?


you see both Flows and Advanced Flows in one tree in the WebApp

Yeah, but I’d want my complicated flows to be converted so I can make them even better. Building everything from the ground up takes way more time.


Can we ‘drag’ a standard flow to the AF part?
And, can we edit it, I mean can we add any AF cards and functions to it?

Pls update to latest Firmware


Guess you have to program that yourself as it isn’t part of the current solution.

Hmm, then You lucky… For me it work to pay twice via PayPal - and actually in store the order is still in “Waiting for payment” and yes, waiting third payment ;(

What’s Your order status actually? Same!?!

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KO criterion for me. I will not buy it.