Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022)

The Q&A from the Community answered by the Community!

I have done my best selecting the for most Advanced Flow users interesting discussion from Questions and Answers from the community,
Keep that going !

I now know that you can only rename or move flows from there. For editing you get directions to the web app:

Looks like something I can really use to get away from multiple flows to do one thing ! Now lets wait for the next dishwasher round to see if this works:

It might be me but my webbrowser (Edge) is getting pretty sluggish in the end… closing the Homey tab solves it …



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This sounds like a lot of fun, for me it’s a no-brainer to buy it.

These two things alone:
-multiple triggers
-reducing many flows to one
is worth the money!


I made a nice flow and want to share it with you, but there is no ‘Sharing’ option for advanced flows…


But I guess you already know that key combination :wink:


Why converting to advanced flows just for a 1:1 copy?
The benefit of advanced flows are all the things which are not possible yet like combined Then cards. This makes a real benefit, but will need a redesign of existing flows.

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I think you misunderstood. Of course I would want to improve those flows. But the basics should be there to start with. A simple flow does not need to be converted but even those, for future adjustments, would be nice to have in the advanced environment.

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I think this is a great new feature. Now i have sequential flows with variables to passthrough results. With AF I can passthrough as tags!

Are Advanced flows processed in the cloud? Does this ease homey’s CPU & RAM ? And when processed in the cloud, I think normal flows for Heimdall (de)activation should stay local so you can always deactivate an alarmstate regardless of internet connectivity.

I wonder if the homey community apps are supported with AF. (Nest thermostat)

I’m waiting for more reviews about stability, use-cases and performance impact on a 2016 device. Maybe I should buy a 2019 first.

Gee - I hope not

I feel totally stupid, but where can I buy the Advanced Flow feature? It’s not in the store, I cannot find a link on this page: Advanced Flow Help would be much appreciated.

… as you linked - a big green button at the end

PS For UK users although it says £25 its eems to bill correctly at 25 Euros (£20.83)

or login to the Homey WEB app and select your Homey - click on flows and then ‘cerate flow’ > Advanced Flow - it will ask you to purchase

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Something that is not so obvious. Another way to reduce the flow amount is that we are now able to collect multiple flows into ONE single flow canvas/context = one flow.

Simple example:

For that, I needed three single flows and one homeyscript before. Under the cover it works still the same but athom have provided us with a new graphical user interface that makes creating flows much easier.

Endless new possibilities, nice!


@Emile , am I missing something or is the ‘any’ card redundant?
What’s the difference in the two flows in my picture?

In the second flow it will say “Klaar” 3x?

Nevermind, it does not indeed…

What makes me wonder, what if you really do intend to have it say Klaar 3x ?

Yes, valid question. I was hoping the lower version would provide this option to be somewhat flexible and creative.

@Emile , is it possible to use a variable in a wait-command?

@Emile , it would be nice to have more input and output connection options on the flow cards (top bottom) so you could also work in a more vertical way. Now my flows rapidly become spaghetti.


That could happend with error handling.
You could get three errors, buth if you handle them through just one card, you will only get one error message i guess.