[FAQ][Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity

Something advanced is coming to Homey Pro…

For the AMA
Advanced Flow — Ask Me Anything :speech_balloon:

The FAQ from Athom is already on the information page on the bottom.
The link should automagically switch to your language (en/nl / etc…)

Read the introduction from Athom here: Advanced Flow

The EXTRA Things you can do in Advanced Flow

  • Have multiple Triggers
  • Have 1 (one) Start (Starting the Flow)
  • Have Delays (0 -999 Seconds, 0-999 min.)
  • All (function to wait for all incoming triggers before proceed)
  • Any (function to wait for first incoming trigger to proceed)
  • Parallel Execution
  • Sequential Execution
  • Error handling
  • Make Notes (4 colors)
  • Visual Following Test Execution
  • Test from “Here” - Partial execution

Advanced Flow
on Additional Purchase a 25€ / $ once for a Homey Pro (models Early 2016-2019) (Incl. Older Homey Early 2016 and 2018 )
Included with Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Included with Homey Subscription (á $/€ 2,99 / month)

View / Edit ONLY on Desktop from a browser (Pc / Mac)

Missing in Advanced Flows:

  • share a Flow ! (Use Prnt-Scrn / Win-shift-S or Shift + Command + 4 )

Re-Create the First Run template?
Create a New advanced flow, in the URL barr type “?id=template” behind it
You get something like below: with your Homey ID in place, press Enter!



One of the first Mistakes I already created an example for was posted within the first evening as “Example” on Facebook :wink:

Two triggers to start an ALL
Also applies to all other different triggers b̶e̶h̶i̶n̶d̶ before an ALL like “Someone came Home” AND “the door is opened” => That is NOT going to trigger NEVER!

That only works with an ANY function!

Multiple triggers (< ANY >) for a Condition/Action in One Trigger
By design within one Trigger, all cards can start (Maximum) one time,

So < ANY > = < Delay 0 Sec > = connecting all incoming directly to a < Condition or Action Card >
Below you see one trigger (blue line) reaching the Action “Create a Notification with” (from Delay 1 sec.) the other Blue lines “Bounce” and are only colored half way.

So only ONE Timeline Notification, not Two or 4 Notifications as you see.


Reserved for FAQ # 2.

The Promo video also part of the Announcement

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Looks superb, upgraded without a second thought. Can’t wait to get started.


On a Mobile app you see the flows exists bu can only trigger, disable/enable or rename.


That works on my Android phone. When I press the gear button in the iOS (iPad) app; nothing happens. Anyone got that problem too?

I paid for the feature (using PayPal) and got my PayPal receipt by email almost immediately. Now what’s meant to happen? Web app still doesn’t think I’ve bought it when I try to create an advanced flow there. Am I missing something? Firmware already updated to 8.0.0 before I started.

Try a Logoff, Logon and check again.

Else go to Developer Api-Playground and execute to see if a License: true appears by your Homey

AthomCloudAPI.api.getAuthenticatedUser().then(result => {
  return result.homeys.map(homey => {
    return { homey: homey.id, name: homey.name, model: homey.model, softwareVersion: homey.softwareVersion, license: homey.licenses.includes('advanced-flow')};


Thanks. Log off and on does nothing. License shows false in the developer api playground. I think the problem is with the store. The order status still shows as waiting for payment even though I got the receipt from paypal for the payment over half an hour ago. Surely this isn’t a manual process behind the scenes?!

What App version?
on my iPhone SE 15.4 with the Mobile App 6.11.5 (956) it just works as on Android (with the appropriate user permission)

I use v6.11.5.956 too, but on an iPad. Perhaps that’s the problem…
Same user on both devices.

I seriusly love this :slight_smile: Just tried creating my first AF and i re-created a script that used to be a multi script. The nice thing is i could add more function support to the script that i wasnt able to have in the old and merge 2 scripts together to 1 AF. Alot better this block design for more advanced stuff. Nice work @Emile

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I miss the possibility to temporary ‘disable’ flow cards with the simple flow editor.
With the advanced editor, we can remove the connection, or move it to a next card in the chain (assumption).
Is the device (with no input or output(s) connected) still present in the flow when you save it and reopen it any other time?



Forgot to thank you for your time and effort with this topic :tada:


After paying twice (seems to be a problem with the web store) I got this working. This is going to be a LOT of fun. Replaced 4 separate flows all implementing a thermostat using a temperature sensor and an electric radiator with a single AF. Much easier to see what’s going on now.



I’ve tried this super fuction, but I can’t get my lights to go off with inactivity card as a trigger.
It works when I test the flow, but I can’t get it to work in real world testing.

Anyone that can help me to get this flow working?

Not so nice :grimacing:

Nice! :partying_face:

I believe that card will trigger only once 1 minute after activity. You did trigger the zone 1 minute before?

Yes, I triggered the sensor in this zone and waited for 1 min after it showed inactive, but the flow wasn’t triggered…

I think this is a bug related to the results of cards being interpreted differently. Will dive into it today will probably be fixed in 8.0.1.