[FAQ] [Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity

Sounds correct!
Great to hear you will look into this :slight_smile: and I’m glad I didn’t delete the old flows yet :slight_smile:

You should get the option to choose between adv. flow and “old” flow

This is one flow? Any issues with having multiple separate inputs and outputs in one flow?
If not, this is incredible!
Loving the true/false and then all bits - so much thought has gone into this and it looks so nice as well.
Probably will look to gradually migrate most of my flows over to advanced ones over the next few months and pretty much re-write my home automation!
Anything mentioned about the advanced ones using more memory/cpu or whatever, advice around numbers of flows etc?

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Really loving this Advanced Flows thing. Before you always had to split Flows into small segments losing oversight. Now I can create one canvas with multiple flows. Like this one for my sunscreens (using a small laptop screen so couldn’t take a full screenshot without losing readability) where I replace 12 separate flows with this single view.
The graphical representation of the testing makes debugging flows so much easier! And you have sooo much more flexibility.

Remainder of what fell of the screen in the first screenshot


Loving the advanced flow options and already very busy re-flowing all my flows into more advanced versions :grinning:. Just ran into one issue I couldn’t find a solution for yet. I do have an advanced flow with multiple starts/When cards in it but sometimes I want to disable one of the starts. With the old flow all the different starts were different flows by itself so I could just simply disable a specific flow. I found the option to disable an advanced flow but that will also disable all the other starts.

In short: is it possible to disable a so called “start” or “When” in an advanced flow?

Edit: In the meantime I’m using yes/no variables to disable/enable a “When” card.


I only just started experimenting but just wanted to say WoW. It looks 1000x more powerful than the “old” way. It will be much fun re-creating all automations. Now just have to figure out a nice structure. In the old setup I had seperate Trigger flows and Action flows. Not sure if that still is the way to go now. Feels like combining all flows of a specific subject in one single advanced flow is also an interesting approach.
If others have found a nice way of structuring please let us know :slight_smile:

I was just starting to replace some of my flows with this and was wondering if it’s possible to make a loop.

I’m trying to turn on a light with a motion detector and set a timer, if motion is no longer detected it should turn off the lights, but if it is still motion it should restart the timer.

I have used the ‘‘timer’’ app for this, but if there is a way to do it here it looks smoother.

Does someone have a way to do this?



I would like this to :slight_smile:

That would be nice indeed. I just combined the different flows I used to handle something similar to just one (not sure of it will work though, can’t check at the moment).

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Looks like a Davinci Resolve project :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your is false NegeerBewegingGarage will never run. They should be placed after a when card.


Hi @DirkdeDraak,
Nice flow! You’ve made some interesting things in it where I can learn from. Thanks.

I also made a flow for my sunscreens using a light sensor, insight trends app (unfortunately no longer available), buienradar app and a virtual switch (automatic on/of and rain on/of). With the insight trends app I calculate the average lux over the last 12 minutes to prevent the screens from going up and down every time. It works very well. Before the Advanced Flow I had made it with 5 different flows.

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Thanks. I just tested and it seems true. As the borders between WHEN, AND an ELSE seems a little bit more fuzzy, I imagined that I could combine a WHEN with a specific boolean condition.

That triggers another question. If I place the boolean check after the WHEN card, the flow will stop executing there if the check is false. That is nicely seen in the test mode. But, will that terminate the flow, or will the flow continu when - for instance after 5 minutes - the boolean is changed?

The current flow will stop. It needs a new trigger to start again (like flows before)


Cool, I am going to borrow this I think :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t the sensor triggercard just have a “motion detector goes On” output and a “motion detector goes Off” output?

It seems “old fashioned” if you have to use a triggercard for each state.


No, an “Event” is something that happened, and in some cases it produces a Token (The Dim Level Changed => Token = DimLevel ) but all triggers have only one output and what you suggest is a Trigger with a Condition in one. resulting in On or Of, True or False. What if the Thermostat has 7 modes? do you want 7 outputs?

Would be nice just for simple OnOff devices like PIR or contact sensors, or (wall) switches f.i.
The trigger can be
On → do this
Off → do that

First one done! Amazing, reduced about 10 flows into one.

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