Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022)

@Emile is there any way to “fill” a token or recombine a token(id)?
See the example, there is no way i know (yet) to use the altered token at the end-action-card.
Am i missing something?

Mobile app: …more > settings > speech
Delete the voices you don’t need

Sound files will be files you uploaded yourself (with apps like soundboard, micro web server)

:+1: thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a bug surely… it should say it 3 times, each a second apart

i have three flows triggering the same action. Can someone tell me how to rebuild this in one advanced flow? thanks

I created something like that just yet in a simple form to experiment. Maybe there are better alternatives though.

In your case you should add an “ALL” card after the UND cards. And add the third flow.

like this? Can this be further optimized?

I don’t think the bottom two should be “All”. It cannot be 07:00 and later than 07:00 at the same time. So that part needs some work I guess.

right, just have seen it. what is with the any before the actions. does it fire all actions?

optimized version of all my morning flows.

That’s exactly what the ANY card is for.


Hi everybody

maybe I misunderstood how ALL works. I thought all the conditions before the ALL had to be met for it to trigger the actions after the ALL. During my tests, when one of the actions is ok, it triggers, I don’t understand. Can someone help me ?

thank you

At first sight it looks strange.
Can you arange your icons so that also the lines are visable? And you only send a part of the flowcard. Is there something interesting? Don’t think but just to be sure.

Why not? Aren’t all triggers independent?

Hi again.

Here is the full stream. As you can see, two of the “ALL” blocks are triggered even if only one of their conditions is met.

This seems to happen when you go directly from a When card into a all card and start a test from the When card. I will see if we can fix this asap.


This will never been triggered:

  • When the sun rises and later than 07:00
  • When time is (exact) 07:00
    Both must be true to activate the ALL block.

Wat jij wil kan toch met de “any” card?

I think you have AND blocks from a inferior quality :thinking: I don’t have a clue, build it again in a new flow window, maybe starting with an easy flow to verify the AND block :building_construction:

does it make a difference if the any block is there or if i go directly from both blocks to the action?