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Exactly! :slight_smile:

Very well done job Athom!
You have thrown H.O.O.P. out of the window, but replaced it with a very beautyfull solution.


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Please do not misunderstand my rejection of Advanced. My Smart Home is so upgraded with sensors and actuators that I can’t even tell what I’m missing anymore. Everything is already controlled and working with Homey Flows and/or HA automations. Buying Advanced would be just to satisfy my play instinct. The new feature is nice, but personally I would have been more pleased with a fix for long known bugs.

Let’s wait and see until a new Homey comes along and what it can do then. The approaching Matter and the low number of Zigbee devices, practically forces Athom to deal with new and up-to-date hardware. We assume that Athom also wants to play in the future.
I’d better put the 25 euros in the Homey piggy bank.


Hehe, so you bought it already, you just don’t know yet… :rofl:


I did the update to v8.0.0 yesterday.

“Only” all the OSRAM devices stopped working/not connected.

After a restart of Homey, they all came back again and worked as before the update.

Is there a way to get rid of the voices files and sound files?

I have a second Homey Pro, in case the first one stopped working.

Of course, with the daily backup feature.

After I bought the Advanced Flow (AF) on the first Homey, can I restore the backup form the first one with AF, to my second Homey which is without AF installed?

My second Homey will probably not work with the AF’s.

After buying AF for my second Homey, will the backup work?


This is an interesting question! How will it work with AF when a Homey (pro) dies, you buy a new one and restore the backup. Since AF is bound to a device it would probably not work right away?

Just contact support and ask for a solution in that case. If the Homey really died, you will have a support ticket for this issue and then the support will find a way to help.

The visual interface like node red was one of the main things that kept me doubting about switching over to HA. The regular implementation was very complex to keep track of all the flows to say the least.

I also really hope there will be an option in the future to convert regular flows to AF. This would be a nice gesture towards loyal customers that already have a lot of flows.

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Lol, i started getting worried: a flow in the editor took about 15 seconds to run.
But when i executed the flow from another flow, it was almost instant!


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Hi Emile, great new function.
I like it very much, cleans up my complicated flows.

An import from existing flows would also be very welcome to easily change them into advanced flows.



Great new function.
I like it very much, cleans up my complicated flows.

But i’m still missing the OR Function. Example.

If my motion sensor is trigeer OR the Light button is pressed → Turn light on.
If Lightbutton downstaires is pressed OR Lightbotton Upstrairs is pressed __> turn light on.

Can you take a look at this ?

Then An import from existing flows would also be very welcome to easily change them into advanced flows.



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@Emile First of all, I just want to say that the homey advanced flows are a really great new feature for the homey pro, and I hope that more options in terms of flow cards will become available in the future.

for next Tuesday’s AMA I think most people want to know,

  • Why the license is linked to homey and not to your account.
  • why there is no possibility to convert your current flows to a homey advanced flow.
  • Why it is not possible to use homey advanced flow on your smartphone.
  • Why there is no possibility to share an advanced flow.
  • What happens if my homey breaks. Do I have to pay for a new homey advanced license again?
  • If I restore a backup to a new homey, will homey advanced flow be transferred as well?

I wonder why the wait card is not a wait card but a delay card, could this card be added so that we have a real wait card because that is really very useful and is completely part of advenced flows


can I ask what the difference would be? and not already being able to do with the “all” card, or just putting everything behind said “delay” card.


Great, I had a similar idea with an AND condition like 1=1 but didn’t had time to try it yet. In any case, thanks a lot.

This should be fixed. You might need to refresh the browser.

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@Fafois ,
Verified here after Force Refresh of browser indeed Fixed.

Question is answered in FAQ: on bottom Advanced Flow

If you are replacing Homey Pro due to a defect, please contact our support team.