[PRO][Dashboard] HDashboards a dashboard system fully focussed on Homey

Hey Everyone,

Super excited to share something I’ve been cooking up for the past few weeks: HDashboards!

I’ve been grinding away to make a Homey dashboard that’s good, reliable and customizable. Best part? It’s super easy to set up thanks to Homey’s OAuth.

Checkout the site for more information: https://hdashboards.app

What’s It Got?

  • Flows: Make your smart home smarter.
  • On/Off: Turn stuff on and off with a tap.
  • Numeric Stuff: Change numbers like temp and volume.
  • Device Icons: Pick cool icons for your devices.
  • Capability Icons: Icons that show what each thing can do.
  • Mediaplayer: Full support for media players
  • Images: Full support for images and graphs
  • Blinds/curtains: Full support for blinds and curtains
  • Light colors: Support for changing light colors
  • Sensors: Full support for motion, contact, battery sensors
  • Thermostat: Support for thermostats
  • Special cards: Special cards, like clocks, titles etc to oranise your dashboard and make it even more awesome

& way more

Real-Time Goodness:

It’s all real-time, connecting straight to your Homey’s Socket.io. You can send commands to your Homey server to flip switches or kick off flows.

Where Can You Use It?

  • iPhones and iPads OUT NOW
  • Android devices OUT NOW but play store is in review
  • Web browsers like Chrome OUT NOW*

Heads Up:

You’ll need an internet connection since it uses my cloud to save your dashboards and make them work on all your devices.

Can I get it?

Yes you can just use the website and start your trial!


A nice video about the customizability: https://hdashboards.app/media/app/edit.webm

ehh, i would expect this is against the community app policy, next to this, your cloud, no thank you.
but nevertheless i like the idea, not the execution

kind regards


Thanks pixie, the cloud is only used to store dashboard configs for now. All other communication goes directly to your homey socket server. I only store id’s of devices, capabilities and flows nothing more.

It actually could work totally without cloud after loading dashboard configs. That’s on the roadmap for later on.

this part is against community app policy “The first 10 licenses for alpha testing are up for grabs at 25 euros each”
next to this, if it would work without your infrastructure, and would be donation only it could work

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It isn’t since this is not an app. But a third party software integrated with homey oauth. Since it isn’t an homey app it’s not getting into that app store. You have to login with a homey account on my website. This way commercial productions of a third party software is allowed. Same as lights that work woth homey you don’t get them for free do you?

But even then it’s allowed to make an app free of charge in the homey app store that communicates with my system that requires a license. Please check section 2.3 of legal on the guidelines.

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I like to buy a alpha license, tell me how?

For now I’ve started a discord server with all alpha testers, which you can find on the homepage.
If you don’t have discord please send me a private message.

It’s good to explain things, but I think non techies have a clue what you’re saying here :hugs:


This new dash is promising imho


As is, my personal recommandation would be to check out the Sharptools dashboard instead of spending 25 EUR on a Alpha license. Best of luck!


Other promising dashboard: [APP][Pro] Dashboards - Custom dashboards for your Homey - #111 by Ria_Banis
(Though only browser, no app, but it runs local)


Yes ofcours everyone can use there preferred one. Hdashboards runs completely local after your dashboard is loaded. But the one you mention is indeed completely local. I don’t know if it also support access from outside your home?

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This will be developed into an app. See the last update in this thread

Jep, but I mean a mobile phone/tablet app (not a homey app to store dashboard configuration).

Yes, it works from outside WiFi network also. For as far as I understand it works local (without internet) when on same network, but I don’t follow all details on this part in the thread, so correct me if I am wrong…)

yes just join our discord.

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Many updates later:

25 euro’s? What does the dashboard offer that the homey app doesn’t offer? At least not a nicer gui if you ask me…

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