TileDash - an Homey dashboard

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been working to find a solution for a customizable Homey dashboard, and I’m happy to show you TileDash!

TileDash is a combination of TileBoard, which inspired me a lot, a project by Alexaï, and HomeyDash, for which I used the connection and communication method with Homey, developed by @Rocodamelshekima and @DaneedeKruyff
Thank you to them for their sharing.

TileDash works locally, you can customize it as you want to create your own dashboard!

I still have several things to configure, but I’ll share it with you as soon as possible.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little gift, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

EDIT 19/01/2023: v0.3 available, TileDash tool available

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In the early day’s of homey I wanted a screen to control my home. But until this day I only have my phone. The question is: how many times I’m going to use the screen if I have my phone.

I will follow your project. And maybe some day…

TileDash is available here!

Try it, give me your feedback!


V0.2 is available:

  • Now fits the smartphone: add mobile=true in url like http://YOUR_URL/?mobile=true&token=…

  • Adjust “portrait” orientation

  • Updated THERMOSTAT type

  • Updated SLIDER type and display value fixed

  • It is now possible to add the same device several times

  • The popup closes automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity (tell me if you want to custom this time)

  • Setting an id for the IMAGE type is no longer necessary

I’m also trying to:

  • create file/site to generate user dashboard’s file for easy configuration. (searching a solution…)
  • create tutorial for installation


If you have not server, you can aslo run it locally on your computer:

  • Download TileDash
  • Open the TileDash folder
  • Right click on index.html → open with (select your browser)
  • In web browser tab, add your token like this:

I add a dashboard-DEMO.js file.
If you want to try TilDash, you can rename this file to “dashboard.js” and replace original “dashboard.js” file.

v0.3 is available

  • Add second value for SENSOR

TileDash tool is available to create your configuration easily.

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Upload a config to modify it is now available on TileDash tool.

Great job according to me ! Just what i’ve been waiting for … not so long since I’ve bought my Homey just a week ago… I’m on eedomus for now (I’m French)

I’ve just tried TileDash, but seems not find its way to my Homey …
Got this message in Chome console : athom-api.min.js:1
GET http://homey-myID*.local/api/manager/system/ping?id=myID net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I guess the adress should be

https ://my.homey.app/homeys/myID*/api/manager/system/ping?id=myID

I’ve got a Homey Pro 2023, peharps it’s the reason why.

Could you tell me how and where to fix this ? (I can edit some of the .js files…)

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v0.4 is available

Reease notes for v0.4

  • Flows and Advanced flows can be add on header (set them at end of dashboard.js)
  • Add possibility to disable screenSaver on mobile
  • Refresh the page when it comes back to the foreground on mobile

Gif flow mobile